Urban and Local Politics (Section 13)

The purpose of the Section is to promote interest in teaching and research in urban politics and policy. The Section seeks to encourage communication among individuals interested in Urban Politics within the Association and within related disciplines.

Founded: 1986
Public Discussion List: APSA Connect discussion
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Website: connect.apsanet.org/s13

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Student Regular
$0 (online journal access only) $18 (online journal access only)

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Section Officers
Chair Alison Post, University of California, Berkeley
Chair-Elect Timothy Weaver, State University of New York at Albany
Secretary/Treasurer Maureen Donaghy, Rutgers University at Camden
Journal Editor Jered Carr, University of Illinois, Chicago
[email protected]
2021 Annual Meeting
Division Chair
Jeffrey Paller, University of San Francisco
[email protected]
Jenn Nelles, University of Sheffield
[email protected]
Council Amber Wichowsky, Marquette University
Vladimir Kogan, Ohio State University
Lorrie Frasure, University of California, Los Angeles
Justin de Benedictis-Kessner, Boston University
Julia Payson, New York University
Katherine Levine Einstein, Boston University
Veronica Herrera, University of California, Los Angeles
Adam Auerbach, American University
Ulrik Kjaer, University of Southern Denmark
David Kaufmann, ETH Zurich
Sara Hughes, University of Michigan
Patricia Kirkland, Princeton University


Section Journal

Urban Affairs Review


Publishes 6 times per year.

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Section Awards

Section awards are presented during the APSA annual meeting awards ceremony. To learn more about any award listed, contact the award committee chair for the award.

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Dennis Judd Best Book Award

The Best Book Award recognizes the best book on urban politics published in the previous year. Hard copies of nominated books should be sent to each committee member. Deadline for nominations: TBA

Award Committee

Name Affiliation Email
Sarah Reckhow (chair) Michigan State University [email protected]
Lester Spence Johns Hopkins University [email protected]
David Kaufman ETZ Zurich [email protected]

Best Dissertation Award

The Best Dissertation Award is given annually for the best dissertation on urban politics accepted in the previous year. The award comes with a $250 prize. Electronic or hard copies of dissertations completed and approved in the previous year should be sent to each committee member. Deadline for nominations: TBA

Award Committee

Name Affiliation Email
Eleonora Pasotti (chair) University of California, Santa Cruz [email protected]
Christopher Warshaw George Washington University [email protected]
Akira Drake Rodriguez University of Pennsylvania [email protected]

Bryan Jackson Dissertation Research on Minority Politics Award

The Byran Jackson Award recognizes the outstanding scholarship by a graduate student studying racial and ethnic politics in an urban setting. The award comes with a $500 prize. Electronic or hard copies of approved dissertation proposals should be sent to each committee member. Deadline for nominations: TBA

Award Committee

Name Affiliation Email
Andrea Bejamin (chair) University of Oklahoma [email protected]
Katherine Einstein Boston University [email protected]
Sally Nuamah Northwestern University [email protected]

The Urban Affairs Review Best Paper Award

Urban Affairs Review is sponsoring a $250 award for the Best Paper in Urban or Regional Politics presented at the previous year's American Political Science Association conference. We encourage panel chairs to nominate papers. We also welcome self-nominations. Papers presented on any panel associated with the conference are eligible for this award. The award will be made by a three person panel: one editor of Urban Affairs Review, one member of the UAR editorial board, and one member of the executive council of the Urban and Local Politics Section. The committee will evaluate the version of the paper at the time of the APSA conference.The award will be announced on the APSA Urban and Local Politics section website and the UAR website. The recipient will be invited to submit the paper to the Urban Affairs Review for fast-track review and publication. This is an annual award. Awards may not be made every year, depending on the number and quality of submissions. Please send your nominations to Elizabeth Motyka at [email protected]. Questions can be directed to Peter Burns at [email protected]Deadline for nominations: TBA

Award Committee

Name Affiliation Email
Philip Ashton (chair) University of Illinois at Chicago [email protected]
Mirya Holman Tulane University [email protected]
Mary Alice Haddad Wesleyan University [email protected]


Norton Long Career Achievement Award

The Norton Long Career Achievement Award is presented annually to a scholar who has made distinguished contributions to the study of urban politics over the course of a career through scholarly publication, the mentoring of students, and public service. Nominations and two (2) supporting letters should be submitted electronically to all committee members.
Nomination Instructions: Nominations and two (2) supporting letters submitted to all committee members by the deadline.
Deadline for nominations: TBA

Award Committee

Name Affiliation Email
Margaret Weir (chair) Brown University [email protected]
Rodney Hero Arizona State University [email protected]
John Mollenkopf City University of New York [email protected]

Susan Clarke Young Scholars' Award

The Susan Clarke Young Scholars' award recognizes scholars who completed their Ph.D. within the last three years (or are ABDs) and submitted a paper proposal for the 2020 APSA meeting to the 2020 program chairs. Please send accepted proposals to the 2020 Program Chairs and indicate that you are eligible for the Susan Clarke Young Scholars' Award. Deadline for nominations: TBA

Award Committee

Name Affiliation Email

Clarence Stone Scholar Award

The Clarence Stone Scholar Award recognizes up to two young scholars who are making a significant contribution to the study of urban politics. The award is to be given to up to two post-PhD scholars who are in their career (pre-tenure, or recently advanced within the last 3 years). Deadline for nominations: TBA

Award Committee

Name Affiliation Email