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Organized Section 9: Founders Best Graduate Student Paper Award

Presidents and Executive Politics Section Award Recipients 

Founders Best Graduate Student Paper Award
The Founders Award honoring Francis Rourke is given for the best paper on executive politics presented by a Graduate Student at either the preceding year’s APSA Annual Meeting or at any of the regional meetings in the two year’s preceding the APSA Annual Meeting. One copy of each essay should be sent directly to each member of the committee.

2017  Elizabeth Mann, University of Michigan
"Presidential Policymaking at the State Level: Revision Through Waivers?" 
2016  Kenneth Lowande, University of Virginia
"Delegation or Unilateral Action?" 
2015  Christopher A. Martinez, Loyola University Chicago
“Surviving the Presidency in South America: Rethinking the Role of Democracy” 
2014 Janna Rezaee, University of California, Berkeley
"OIRA: The Other Edge of the Sword."
2013 Rachel Potter, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
"Strategic Transparency in Agency Rulemaking"
2011 Presented in honor of Martha Joynt Kumar
John Hudak, Vanderbilt University
The Politics of Federal Grants: Presidential Influence Over the Distribution of Federal Funds
2010 Presented in honor of Stephen Wayne
Amnon Cavari, University of Wisconsin, Madison
"The Presidential Rhetoric and the Economic Policy Image of the Parties,"
2009 Cari Hennessy, Northwestern University
The Effect of Public Opinion on Policy Outcomes in Sequential Veto Bargaining
2008 Curtis Nichols, University of Texas, Austin
"The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Exploiting the Opportunity for Reconstructive Leadership"
2008 Adam Myers, University of Texas, Austin
"The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Exploiting the Opportunity for Reconstructive Leadership"
2007 Kevin Parsneau, University of Minnesota
Politicizing Priority Departments: Presidential Policy Priorities and Subcabinet Nominations
2006 Michael Cutrone, Princeton University
"Parties, Pivots, and the Patients' Bill of Rights"
2003 Elvin Lim, Nuffield College University of Oxford
"The Lion and The Lamb: De-Mythologizing Franklin Roosevelt's Fireside Chats"
2002 Casey Dominguez, University of California at Berkeley
"Is it a Honeymoon? An Empirical Investigation of the President's First Hundred Days."
2001 Matthew Eshbaugh-Soha, Texas A&M University
"Anticipating Agendas: Dynamics of Presidential Policy"
2000 Kevin Price, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"The Partisan Legacies of Preemptive Leadership: Assessing the Eisenhower Cohorts in the U.S. House"
1999 David Lewis, Stanford University
"The Presidential Advantage in the Design of Bureaucratic Agencies"
1997 Richard Powell, Northwestern University
"Taking the Show on the Road: The Politics of Presidential Travel in the Modern Era"
1996 David Cohen, University of South Carolina
"President Bush's Chiefs of Staff: Sununu and Skinner in the White House"
1991 Bartholomew Sparrow, University of Texas-Austin
"Raising Taxes and Going into Debt: A Resource Dependence Model of U.S. Public Finance in the 1940s"
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