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Organized Section 9: Best Undergraduate Award

Presidents and Executive Politics Section Award Recipients 

Best Undergraduate Paper Award
The Best Undergraduate Paper Award on executive politics recognizes the best undergraduate paper completed in the previous two academic years. One copy of each essay should be sent directly to each committee member of the committee.

2014 Aaron Goodman, Dartmouth College
"Presidential Delegation of Foreign Policy Powers."
2013 Lisa McAlister, University of North Texas
"Roles of the White House Chief of Staff"
2012 Andrew Keene, United States Naval Academy
Exploration of Ticket Splitting: The Battleground State Effect
2011 Alexander Gibbons, University of Maryland College Park
"Keeping Time for Skowronek: A Quantification of Secular and Political Time"
2009 Adam Aliano, United States Naval Academy
From the New Frontier to Change You Can Believe In: The Issues of Person and the Cmpaigns of 1960 and 2008
2008 Brett Amelkin, Princeton University
"Fit to Print: Trends in New York Times Election Coverage, 1960-2006"
2007 Carrie Roush, Dickinson College
Best Undergraduate Paper Award for " 'Great Writ,' Great Power: Habeas Corpus and Prerogative in the Lincoln and Bush II Presidencies"
2006 Andrew Kaufman, Carleton College
"Historical Continuities in the 2004 Presidential Debates"
2005 Rebecca Stark, Carleton College
"The Influence of Foreign Affairs in Presidential Elections: 1992-2004"

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