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Organized Section 6: Volcker Junior Scholar Research Grant

Public Administration Section Award Recipients 

Volcker Junior Scholar Research Grant
The APSA Organized Section for Public Administration invites applications and research proposals from junior scholars researching public administration issues affecting governance in the United States and abroad. Proposals will be judged on their potential to shed new light on important public administration questions, their scholarly and methodological rigor, and their promise for advancing practice and theory development. Individual grants are not renewable.
2017  Kristen Carroll, Texas A&M University
2016  Jennifer Dodge, University at Albany, State University of New York
“Technological controversies and emerging governance: The case of “fracking” in New York and Pennsylvania.” 
2016  Sanghee Park, Boise State University
“Cutback or Collaboration? Finding a tipping point for saving without damaging performance.” 
2016  Agustin Leon-Moreta, University of New Mexico
“Inequality and the Quality of Local Government in the United States.” 
2015  Eunju Rho, University of Akron
Contracting for Government Services: Toward a Comprehensive Model 
2015  Alisa Moldavanova, Wayne State University
The Public Purpose of the Arts: Social Connectedness, Survival, and Sustainability of Arts Organizations 
2014 Cullen Merritt, Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis
Multi-Dimensional Publicness and Publicity Valuable Outcomes: An Analysis of Behavioral Health Organizations
2014 Amanda Rutherford, Texas A&M University
Rational Action or Trial and Error?: Identifying the Determinants and Implications of Strategic Management
2014 Randall Davis, Southern Illinois University
Examining the Mixed Effects of Goal Ambiguity Using a New Multidimensional Goal Scale
2013 Benedict Jimenez, Northeastern University
Fiscal Retrenchment and Recovery in Municipal Governments
2012 Aroon Manoharan, Kent State University
Determinants of the Stages of County E-Government in the United States
2012 Robert Durant, American University
2011  William Resh, American University
Political Control, Managerial Trustworthiness, and Active Dyadic Trust: Antecedents of Intellectual Capital and Bureaucratic Discretion in Federal Agencies 
2010  Amanda Girth, Ohio State University
Perspectives From the Front Lines of Contracting: Examining Accountability and Discretion Through the Enforcement of Contract Incentives 
2009 Yuen Yuen Ang, Stanford University
Local Budget Allocation in One-Party Regimes: Analyzing New Data from Oniva, 1979-2005
2008  Susan Webb Yackee, University of Wisconsin
Does Political Accountability Lead to Regulatory Delay? An Empirical Assessment of Federal Agency Rulemaking
2007  Simon Andrew, University of North Texas
Self-Organizing Governance within the Administrative Framework of Regional Emergency Preparedness Planning 
2006  Heather Getha-Taylor, Syracuse University
Specifiying and Testing a Model of Collaborative Capacity: Identifying Competencies and Incentive Structures in the Department of Homeland Security 
2005  Alisa Hicklin Fryar, Texas A&M University
Public and Private Networking in the Quest for Diversity: Public Management in Higher Education 
2004  Donald Moynihan, Texas A&M University
What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Performance? A Content Analysis of Legislative Discussion of Performance Information 
2003  Laura Evans, University of Michigan
Political Disadvantage and Policy Spillovers: The Interactions of Tribal Governments and Nearby Authorities 
2003  Kimberley Johnson, Columbia University
Stateways: Public Administration in the Jim Crow South, 1930-1954 
2003  Yilin Hou, University of Georgia
Budgetary Decision-Making in Reforming Countries: Mechanisms, Theory, and Rationale - The Case of China 1950-2000 
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