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Organized Section 42: Best Dissertation Award

Experimental Research Section Award Recipients

Best Dissertation Award
The Best Dissertation Award recognizes the best dissertation completed in calendar year 2013 that utilizes experimental methods on substantive questions about politics or makes a fundamental contribution to experimental methods.

2016  Eun Bin Chung, The Ohio State University
“Overcoming the History Problem: Group-Affirmation in International Relations." 
2015  Meredith L. Sadin, Princeton University
“A Wealth of Ambivalence: How Stereotypes About the Rich Matter for Political Attitudes and Candidate Choice” 
2014 Samara Klar, Northwestern University
"The Influence of Identity on Political Preferences."
2013 Meghan Condon, Loyola University, Chicago
"Practice Makes Participants: How Communication Skills Acquired in School Affect Political Engagement"
2013 Gwyneth McClendon, Harvard University
"The Politics of Envy and Esteem in Two Democracies"
2011 Andrew Owen, University of British Columbia
The Negativity Effect in Retrospective Voting
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