Organized Section 35: Juan Linz Best Dissertation Award

Comparative Democratization Section Award Recipients

Juan Linz Best Dissertation Award
Given for the best dissertation in the Comparative Study of Democracy completed and accepted in the two calendar years immediately prior to the APSA Annual Meeting where the award will be presented (2012 or 2013 for the 2014 Annual Meeting). The prize can be awarded to analyses of individual country cases as long as they are clearly cast in a comparative perspective. A hard copy of the dissertation, accompanied by a letter of support from a member of the dissertation committee should be sent to each member of the prize selection committee.


Bryn Rosenfeld
, Nuffield College, University of Oxford
“Varieties of Middle Class Growth and Democratic Preference Formation” 
2015  Henry Thomson, University of Oxford
"Food and Power: Authoritarian Regime Durability and Agricultural Policy.”  
2014 Paula Munoz, University of Texas at Austin
Campaign Clientelism in Peru: An Informal Theory.
2014 Leonid Peisakhin, Yale University
Long Shadow of the Past: Identity, Norms, and Political Behavior.
2013 Gwyneth McClendon, Yale University
"The Politics of Envy and Esteem in Two Democracies"
2012 Noam Lupu, Princeton University
Party Brands in Crisis: Partisanship, Brand Dilution and the Breakdown of Political Parties in Latin America (Completed at Princeton University; advised by Deborah J. Yashar)
2011 Ekrem Karakoc, Pennsylvania State University
A Theory of Redistribution in New Democracies: How Democracy Has Increased Income Disparity in Southern and Postcommunist Europe
2010 Agustina Giraudy, UNC Chapel Hill
"Subnational Undemocratic Regime Continuity After Democratization: Argentina and Mexico in Comparative Perspective"
2010 Evangelos Liaras, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Ballot Box and Tinderbox: Can Electoral Engineering Save Multiethnic Democracy?"
2009 Lisa Blaydes, University of California, Los Angeles
"Competition without Democracy: Elections and Distributive Politics in Mubarak's Egypt"
2009 Honorable Mention
Rachel Riedl, Princeton University
"Institutions in New Democracies: Variations in African Political Party Systems"
2007 Susan Hyde, University of California, San Diego
Observing Norms: Explaining the Causes and Consequences of Internationally Monitored Elections
2006 Mieczyslaw Boduszynski, University of California, Berkeley
"Explaining Post-Communist Diversity: Regime Change in the Yugoslav Successor States, 1990-2004"
2005 Staffan Lindberg, Lund University
"The Power of Elections: Democratic Participation, Competition, and Legitimacy in Africa"