Organized Section 35: Best Field Work Award

Comparative Democratization Section Award Recipients

Best Field Work Award
This prize rewards dissertation students who conduct especially innovative and difficult fieldwork. Scholars who are currently writing their dissertations or who complete their dissertations in 2013 are eligible. Candidates must submit two chapters of their dissertation and a letter of nomination from the chair of their dissertation committee describing the field work. The material submitted must describe the field work in detail and should provide one or two key insights from the evidence collected in the field. The chapters may be sent electronically or in hard copy directly to each committee member.

2016  Pia Raffler, Yale University
Bureaucrats versus Politicians: A Field Experiment on Political Oversight and Local Public Service Provision"  
2016  Kathleen Klaus, University of Wisconsin-Madison
“Claiming Land: Institutions, Narratives, and Political Violence in Kenya” 
2015  Barry Driscoll, University of Wisconsin - Madison
"The Perverse Effects of Political Competition: Building Capacity for Patronage in Ghana”   
2015  Colm Fox, Singapore Management University
“Appealing to the Masses Understanding Ethnic Politics And Elections in Indonesia” 
2015  Honorable Mention
Michael Broache, Columbia University
"The International Criminal Court and Atrocities in DRC: A Case Study of the RCD-Goma (Nkunda Faction)/CNDP/M23 Rebel Group” 
2014 Milli Lake, University of Washington
2014 Honorable Mention
Calvert Jones, Yale University
2013 Adam Auerbach, University of Wisconsin, Madison
"Cooperation in Uncertainty: Migration, Ethnicity, and Community Governance in India’s Urban Slums."
2013 Honorable Mention
Sarah Parkinson, University of Chicago
"Reinventing the Resistance: Order and Violence Among Palestinians in Lebanon."
2012 Simon Chauchard, Dartmouth College
From Political Power To Changing Group Relations? Tracking the Psychological Impact of Political Inclusion in Rural India (Completed at New York University; advised by Kanchan Chandra)
2012 Honorable Mention
James Long, University of California, San Diego
Ethnic Voting in Kenya and Ghana and Election Fraud in Uganda and Afghanistan
2011 Claire Adida, University of California San Diego
Immigrant Exclusion and Insecurity in Africa
2010 Alejandra Armesto, University of Notre Dame
"Territorial Control and Particularistic Spending on Local Public Goods," University of Notre Dame
2009 Alexandra Scacco, Columbia University
"Who Riots?Explaining Individual Participation in Ethnic Violence in Nigeria"
2007 Marc Berenson, Princeton University
Dissertation Title: "Re-Creating the State: Governance and Power in Poland and Russia"
2006 Manal Jamal, McGill University
"After the Peace Processes: Foreign Donor Assistance and the Political Economy of Marginalization in Palestine and El Salvador"
2006 Anupma Kulkarni, Stanford University
"Demons and Demos: Violence, Memory, and Citizenship in Post-Conflict States"
2005 Lily Tsai, Harvard University
"The Informal State: Governance, Accountability, and Public Goods Provision in Rural China," PhD dissertation at Harvard University