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Organized Section 27: Christian Bay Award

New Political Science Organized Section Award Recipients

Christian Bay Award
The Christian Bay Award recognizes the best paper presented on a new political science panel at the previous year’s annual meeting.

2017  Timothy Weaver, University at Albany, SUNY
"A City of Citizens: Social Justice and Urban Social Citizenship."
2016  Jocelyn Boryczka, Fairfield University 
"An Anatomy of Sexism: The Colonized Vagina."
2015  Robert Kirsch, Arizona State University
"Tweets, Retweets, and Tweeting Retreats: Critically Assessing the Digital Revolution as Veblenian Machine Process."
2014 Alix Olson, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
"Queer(y)ing Permanent Partnership"
2012 M. Forrest, University of Minnesota
The Limits of Political Representation: Anti-Foreclosure Activism and Racial Injustice in the Post-Civil Rights Era
2011 Brian Waddell, University of Connecticut Stamford
That Time Again? Revisiting the Debates Over the Wagner Act
2010 Brooke Ackerly, Vanderbilt University
"Hearing the Voice of the People: Human Rights as if People Mattered"
2010 Jose Cruz, Vanderbilt University
"Hearing the Voice of the People: Human Rights as if People Mattered"
2009 Elisabeth Chaves, Virginia Tech
"The Internet as Global Platform? Grounding the Magically Levitating Public Sphere"
2007 Angelica Bernal, Yale
Power, Powerlessness, and Petroleum: Indigenous Environmental Claims and the Limits of International Law
2006 Immanuel Ness, Brooklyn College / CUNY
"Temporary Labor Migration and the Labor Movement: Globalization and Worker Resistance to Restructuring Information Technology"
2005 Hamideh Sedghi, Columbia University
"Islamization, Globalization, and Gender in Iran: Compatible or Not?"
2004 Dorothee Benz, City University of New York
"Innovative Labor Organizing in a Hostile Climate"
2003 Jennifer Disney, Winthrop University
"The Potential and Limitations of Democratization: Civil Society and Women's Organizing in Post-Revolutionary Mozambique and Nicaragua"
2002 Carl Swidorski, College of Saint Rose
"From the Wagner Act to the Human Rights Watch Report: Labor and Freedom of Expression and Association, 1935-2000."
2001 Chenshan Tian, University of Hawaii at Manoa
"The Reception of Marxist Thought in China: A Chinese Representation of Dialectical Materialism"
2000 Carl Swidorski, The College of Saint Rose
"Political Science and the First Amendment: Ignoring Labor's Role in the Struggle for Freedom of Expression"
1998 Timothy Luke, Virginia Tech
"The Discipline as Disciplinary Normalization: Networks of Research"
1997 Thomas De Luca Jr., Fordham University
“The Future of Democratic Politics"
1997 John Buell, Fordham University
"The Future of Democratic Politics"
1996 Ho-Won Jeong, Ohio State University
"Discourse of Political Economy in Africa"
1995 Gregory Delaurier, Ithaca College
"Class Struggle Without Class: Maoism, the U.S. New Left, and the Demise of the 'Labor Metaphysic'"
1994 C. Hilisi, Indiana University-Bloomington
"From Liberalism to Citizenship in Black South African Political Thought"
1993 Carl Boggs, National University
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