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Organized Section 21: Best Book Award

European Politics Section Award Recipients

Best Book Award
The Best Book Award is given for the best book on European Politics and society published in the previous year

2017  Zeynep Bulutgil, Tufts University
The Roots of Ethnic Cleansing in Europe. Cambridge University Press, 2016. 
2016  Anna Grzymala-Busse, University of Michigan
Nations under God: How Churches Use Moral Authority to Influence Policy. Princeton University Press, 2015 
2015  Kathleen Thelen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Varieties of Liberalization and the New Politics of Social Solidarity. Cambridge University Press, 2014 
2015  Sara Goodman, University of California, Irvine
Immigration and Membership Politics in Western Europe. Cambridge University Press, 2014 
2014 Amel Ahmed, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Democracy and the Politics of Electoral System Choice (Cambridge University Press)
2013 Pablo Beramendi, Duke University
The Political Geography of Inequality: Regions and Redistribution (Cambridge University Press, 2012)
2012 David Stasavage, New York University
States of Credit: Size, Power, and the Development of European Politics (Princeton University Press, 2011)
2010 Grigore Pop-Eleches, Princeton University
From Economic Crisis to Reform: IMF Programs in Latin America and Eastern Europe
2010 Mareike Kleine, London School of Economics
All Roads Lead Away From Rome. A Liberal Theory of International Regimes
2009 Raymond Duch, University of Oxford
The Economic Vote (Cambridge University Press 2008)
2007 Julia Lynch, University of Pennsylvania
Age in the Welfare State: The Origins of Social Spending on Pensioners, Workers, and Children
2007 Daniel Ziblatt, Harvard University
Structuring the State: The Formation of Italy and Germany and the Puzzle of Federalism
2006 Giovanni Capoccia, University of Oxford
Defending Democracy: Reactions to Extremism in Interwar Europe (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2005)
2006 Torben Iversen, Harvard University
Capitalism, Democracy, and Welfare (Cambridge University Press, 2005)
2005 Chip Gagnon, Ithaca College
The Myth of Ethnic War: Serbia and Croatia in the 1990s. (Cornell University Press, 2004).
2004 Marc Howard, Georgetown University
The Weakness of Civil Society in Post-Communist Europe (Cambridge University Press, 2003)
2004 Honorable Mention
Isabela Mares, Stanford University
"The Politics of Social Risk" (Cambridge University Press, 2003)
2004 Honorable Mention
Margaret Kohn, University of Florida, Gainesville
"Radical Space" (Cornell University Press, 2003)
2003 Mark Beissinger, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Nationalist Mobilization and the Collapse of Soviet State (Cambridge University Press, 2002)
2001 Stefano Bartolini
The Political Mobilization of the European Left, 1860-1980: The Class Cleavage (Cambridge University Press 2000)
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