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Organized Section 16: Best Dissertation Prize

Women and Politics Research Section Award Recipients

Best Dissertation Prize
The Best Dissertation Prize for the best dissertation on women and politics completed and accepted in the previous year.

2017  Catherine Reyes-Householder, Cornell University
"Presidentas, Power, and Pro-Women Change."
2016  Dawn Teele, Yale University (Ph.D); University of Pennsylvania (assistant professor)
The Logic of Women’s Enfranchisement: A Comparative Study of the United States, France, and the United Kingdom." Yale University, 2015 
2016  Honorable Mention
Hürcan Asli Aksoy, University of Tübingen
“Engendering Democracy in Turkey: Participation and Inclusion of Women’s Civil Society Organizations under AKP Rule.” University of Tübingen, 2015 
2015  Mona Tajali, Concordia University
“Demanding a Seat at the Table: Iranian and Turkish Women’s Organizing for Political Representation” 
2015  Honorable Mention
Shauna Lani Shames, Harvard University
“The Rational Non-Candidate: A Theory of (Uneven) Candidate Deterrence” 
2014 Cheryl O'Brien, Purdue University
"Beyond the National: Transnational Influences on (Subnational) State Policy Responsiveness to an International Norm on Violence Against Women"
2013 Diana O'Brien, University of Southern California
"When Women Matter: The Relationship Between Women's Numeric and Policy Representation in Western European States"
2012 Jennifer Piscopo, Salem College
Do Women Represent Women? Gender and Policy in Argentina and Mexico (comnpleted at the University of California, San Diego; advised by Peter H. Smith)
2012 Honorable Mention
Valerie Hennings, Carrie Chapman Catt Scholar-in-Residence at Iowa State
Civic Selves: Gender, Candidate Training Programs, and Envisioning Political Participation 
2011 Dara Cohen, University of Minnesota
"Explaining Sexual Violence During Civil War"
2011 Rosanne Kennedy, Union Institute and University of Cincinnati Ohio
"Rousseau and the Perversion of Gender"
2010 Samantha Majic, John Jay College
"Protect By Other Means? Sex Workers, Social Movement Evolution, and the Political Possibilities of Nonprofit Service Provision
2009 Melanie Hughes, University of Pittsburgh
"Politics at the Intersection: A Cross-National Analysis of Minority Women's Legislative Representation"
2006 Kate Bedford, Rutgers University
"The World Bank's Employment Programs in Ecudor and Beyond: Empowering Women, Domesticating Men, and Resolving the Social Reproduction Dilemma"
2006 Honorable Mention
Mona Lena Krook, Columbia University
"Politicizing Representation: Campaigns for Candidate Gender Quotas Worldwide"
2005 Carisa Showden, University of North Carolina-Greensboro
"Mythologies of Choice: The Politics of Domestic Violence and Alternative Reproduction"
2004 Leslie Schwindt-Bayer, University of Arizona
"Legislative Representation in Latin America: A Comparative Study of Descriptive, Substantive, and Symbolic Representation of Women" (Supervisor: Brian F. Crisp)
2004 Sarah Song, Yale University
"Culture, Gender, and Equality" (Supervisor: Rogers M. Smith)
2003 Jennifer Disney, Winthrop University
The Theories and Practices of Women's Organizing: Marxism, Feminism, Democratization and Civil Society in Mozambique and Nicaragua.
2002 Wendy Smooth, University of Nebraska at Lincoln
"African American Women State Legislators: The Impact of Gender and Race on Legislative Influence."
2001 Kimberly Morgan, Princeton University
"Whose Hand Rocks the Cradle? The Politics of Child Care Policy in Advanced Industrialized States"
2000 Mala Htun, Harvard University
"Private Lives, Public Policies: Divorce, Abortion, and Family Equality in Latin America."
1999 Michele Berger, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
"Workable Sisterhood: A Study of the Political Participation of Stigmatized Women with HIV/AIDS"
1997 Lorraine Bayard de Volo, Whitman College
"Heroes, Martyrs, and Mothers: Maternity Identity Politics in Revolutionary Nicaragua"
1996 Anna Harvey, Princeton University
"The Legacy of Disenfranchisement: Women in Electoral Politics, 1917 - 1932"
1996 Cindy Rosenthal, University of Oklahoma
"Women's Ways of Political Leadership: A Cross-Jurisdictional Study of State Legislative Committee Chairs"
1995 Robin LeBlanc, Oglethorpe University
"Homeless as Citizens: The Political World of the Japanese Housewife"
1994 Joanna Goven, University of California, Berkeley
"The Gendered Foundations of Hungarian Socialism: State, Society and the Anti-Politics of Anti-Feminism, 1948-1990" (University of California, Berkeley)
1993 Beth Reingold, Emory University
"Representing Women Gender Difference among Arizona and California State Legislators" (University of California, Berkeley)
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