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Organized Section 13: Norton Long Young Scholars

Urban Politics Section Award Recipients

Norton Long Young Scholars
The Norton Long Young Scholars award is given to scholars who are completing or have completed their Ph.D. within the last three years and submitted a paper proposal for the APSA meetings to the program chairs.


2013 Mark Davis, University of Colorado, Denver
2013 Zachary Spicer, University of Western Ontario
2013 Veronica Herrera, University of Connecticut
2013 Sara Hughes, National Center Atmospheric Research
2010 Justin Gest, London School of Economics and Political Science
"Alienation among European Muslims: Spanish Moroccans and British Bangladeshis"
2010 Scott Minkoff, University of Colorado, Boulder
"A Space-Time Analysis of Local Competition and Cooperation"
2010 Meg Rithmire, Harvard University
"Closed Neighborhoods in Open Cities: The Politics of Socio-Spatial Change in Urban China"
2010 Paolo Spada, Yale University
"The Effects of Participatory Democracy: Evidence from Brazilian Participatory Budgeting"
2010 Manuel Teodoro, Colgate University
"Political Institutions and Environmental Policy Choices: Water Conservation in America"
2004 Brian Adams, San Diego State University
Norton Long Young Scholar
2004 Joshua Behr, Old Dominion University
Norton Long Young Scholar
2004 Michael Owens, Emory University
Norton Long Young Scholar
2004 Deborah Ward, Seton Hall University
Norton Long Young Scholar
2002 Carol Conaway, Wellesley College
"Covering Mayors: Race, Riots, and Responsibility"
2002 Mara Sidney, Rutgers University, Newark
2002 Brady Baybeck, University of Missouri, St. Louis
2002 Gustavo Cano, University of San Diego
2001 Peter Burns, Trinity College
"Electoral Politics Is Not Enough: The Ongoing Struggle of African Americans and Latinos for Full Representation in Urban Politics"
2001 Anirudh Ruhil, University of Illinois at Chicago
"Beyond Lipservice: Unpacking the Roots and Fruits of Municipal Institutions"
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