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Organized Section 13: Byran Jackson Dissertation Research on Minority Politics Award

Urban Politics Section Award Recipients

Byran Jackson Dissertation Research on Minority Politics Award
The Byran Jackson Award recognizes the outstanding scholarship by a graduate student in the area of race and urban politics.

2017  Patricia Posey, University of Pennsylvania
"Refinancing the American Dream: the Consequences of Targeted Financial Policy for Political and Radical Inequality in the United States."
2016  Diane Wong, Cornell University
Disappearing Chinatowns:  The Struggle Against Gentrification in San Francisco, New York City, and Boston." 
2015  Brad Fulton, Duke University
“Bridging and Bonding: How Social Diversity Influences Collective Political Action.” Duke University 
2014 Zinga Fraser, Northwestern University
"Catalysts for Change: A Comparative Study of Barbara Jordan and Shirley Chisholm."
2013 Marquita Bowers-Brown, University of Missouri, Saint Louis
"The St. Louis Desegregation Transfer Program: Does Participation Lessen the Educational Disparity between the City of St. Louis County Students?"
2011 Emily Farris, Brown University
"Pathways to Power: An Examination of Latino Local Elected Officials"
2010 Jamila Michener, University of Chicago
The Politics of Help Seeking in Marginalized Populations
2009 Carlos Cuellar, Rice University
"The Latino Empowerment Process: An Examination of the Causes and Consequences of Latino Representation in Local Politics"
2006 Angela Hagan PhD, University of Louisville
Race, Consolidation, and Regionalism
2005 Paru Shah, Rice University
2004 Kristin Good, University of Toronto
"Multiculturalism in the City: A Comparative Analysis of Municipal Responsiveness to Immigration in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and the Greater Vancouver Regional District"
2003 Michelle Camou, University of Colorado
"Managing Conflict without Contracts: Achieving Economic Justice in the Informal Economy"
2000 Joshua Behr, University of New Orleans
"An Explanation for the Presence of Minority-Opportunity Districts and the Election of Hispanics and Blacks to the City Council within Single Member District Election Systems"
2000 Mara Sidney, University of Colorado
"Social Constructions of Race and Class in Fair Housing Policy"
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