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Organized Section 10: Society for Political Methodology Poster Award

Political Methodology Section Award Recipients

Society for Political Methodology Poster Award
The Society for Political Methodology Poster Award recognizes the best political methodology poster given at any political science conference in the preceeding year.

2017  Dana Higgins, Harvard University
"Disaggregating Data Using Multiple Imputation: Battle Related Deaths." 
2016  Yuki Shirito, Princeton University
"Topical N-Gram Citation Model." 
2016  Anton Strezhnev, Harvard University
"A New Method for Estimating Treatment Effects under `Truncation-by-Death'" 
2015  Dean Knox, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Identifying Peer Effects under Homophily with an Instrumental Variable: Patronage and Promotions in the Chinese Bureaucracy”    
2015  Honorable Mention
Dorothy Kronick, Stanford University
"Ecological Inference with Vote-Share Data" 
2014 Felipe Nunes, University of California, Los Angeles
"A Bayesian Two-part Latent Class Model for Longitudinal Government Expenditure Data: Assessing the Impact of Vertical Political Alliances and Vote Support."
2014 Honorable Mention
Peter Foley, California Institute of Technology
"Introducing Salience to a Spatial Model of Voter Ideology."
2013 Scott Abramson, Princeton University
Production, Predation and the European State 1152-1789
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