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         Achieving diversity and inclusion in political science is a priority for the American Political Science Association.
         Recognizing the many differences, among them — demographic, substantive, intellectual, pedagogical, methodological,
         and institutional — and leveraging this variation is critical not only to the success of individual political scientists but to
         the strength and longevity of the disciplinary enterprise.

         Minority Fellowship Program: The APSA Minority Fellowship Program (MFP) is a fellowship competition for
         individuals from underrepresented backgrounds applying to or in the early stages of doctoral programs in political
         science. The MFP was established in 1969 to increase the number of scholars from underrepresented backgrounds in
         the discipline.

         Ralph Bunche Summer Institute: The RBSI program, created in 1986, is designed to increase the number
         of underrepresented students enrolling in and attending political science graduate programs. The RBSI program
         encourages students to pursue academic careers in political science by enhancing writing, research, and analytical skills
         to increase competitiveness in the application and financial aid process for graduate school.
         Minority Student Recruitment Program: APSA established the Minority Student Recruitment Program (MSRP) to
         advance diversity in political science. In collaboration with undergraduate and graduate political science departments, the
         program identifies undergraduate students from under-represented backgrounds who show potential for or are interested
         in doctoral study, and shares this recruitment information with APSA member graduate departments that enroll in the

         Mentoring Program: The APSA Mentoring Program connects undergraduate, graduate students, and junior faculty
         from all backgrounds to experienced and senior members of the profession for professional development support on
         academic and career topics.
         Fund for Latino Scholarship: The Fund’s primary goal is to encourage and support the recruitment, retention, and
         promotion of Latina/o political scientists (especially students and tenure track junior faculty); our secondary goal is to
         support research on Latino politics in the United States.

         Status Committees: APSA status committees focus on developing reports and projects, and promoting activities
         concerning advancement through the pipeline and the professional development of scholars from underrepresented
         groups within the political science discipline and across the profession.

         8                                          AMERICAN POLITICAL SCIENCE ASSOCIATION 2017 ANNUAL REPORT
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