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         Membership is the lifeblood of the American Political Science Association (APSA). Ensuring an excellent return on each
         member’s investment in joining or remaining a part of APSA is one of our most important priorities. Our membership
         goals include promoting and supporting political scientists in the profession with a wide range of resources and diverse
         programs that offer academic and professional development opportunities, career resources, fellowships and grants,
         access to research and publications for individuals, departments and institutions around the globe.

         Individual Membership
         APSA offers several member types including
         professional members, retired members, life members,
         targeted international members, associate members,
         family members, K-12 educators, student members,
         and unemployed members. Benefits include access
         to eJobs and career resources, four leading peer-
         reviewed political science journals, robust monthly
         newsletter, organized sections and APSA Connect, the
         APSA experts database, interview services, grants and
         fellowship opportunities, as well as year-round member
         savings and discounts, including registration to the
         annual conference.

         Departmental Membership
         The Departmental Membership program, overseen
         by the Departmental Services Committee, provides
         a forum for political science departments large and
         small to address common issues, and plan and develop
         publications and services for chairs, faculty, and
         students. More than 500 departments of varying sizes
         and types participate in this program, and benefit from
         this special connection to the discipline.

            In 2016-2017, new departmental member benefits

            • Department-Sponsored Student Members                • Department Profiles
            • Resource Guide for Department Chairs                • Department Chair Journal Discounts
            • Virtual Campus Visits                               • Meeting Space at APSA Headquarters
            • External Review Program for Tenure and Promotion    • Webinars for Department Chairs

          Institutional Membership
          Institutional membership is the newest way to become a part of the American Political Science Association. This
          membership type allows libraries, research institutes, think tanks, embassies, and non-governmental organizations to
          join APSA as an organization. Institutional members benefit from participation and networking at the Annual Meeting,
          eJob postings and discounts on registration and individual membership.

         6                                          AMERICAN POLITICAL SCIENCE ASSOCIATION 2017 ANNUAL REPORT
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