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        Donations to APSA support programs like travel grants to the APSA Annual Meeting and Teaching and Learning
        Conference, awards that recognize outstanding achievement in the discipline, grants and fellowships administered
        by the Centennial Center for Political Science and Public Affairs, diversity and inclusion programs including the Ralph
        Bunche Summer Institute and other programming that introduces students from underrepresented racial and ethnic
        backgrounds to careers in political science, and the Congressional Fellowship Program.

        Through the generosity of APSA members and friends, these programs are realized, made programmatically robust, and
        kept financially secure for generations of scholars to come.


        2017 has been a banner year for supporting the American Political Science Association, and we are grateful for the
        outpouring of generosity we have witnessed from members and friends of APSA this year. Notable highlights include:

        Major Gift to the Victoria Schuck Award
        APSA is pleased to announce a gift of $67,000.00 to the Victoria Schuck Fund, which supports the Association’s annual
        prize for best book published in the field of women and politics. As a direct result of this gift, part of a bequest from the
        estate of Dr. Irving Krauss in honor of his wife, Dr. Wilma Rule, APSA will be able to significantly increase the size of the
        prize each year.

        Major Gifts to the Tom Carsey Fund
        The Tom Carsey Award Fund, which will be administered by the State Politics and Policy Section of APSA, supports
        graduate student participation in annual events organized by the section and the Association. Support has been
        outstanding; more than $36,000.00 in donations has been received since the fundraising campaign began.

        TOP 10 APSA FUNDS FOR 2017

         Victoria Schuck Award Fund                                               $67,492.00
         Tom Carsey Award Fund                                                    $39,995.00
         Kenneth Sherrill Prize Fund                                              $6,975.00
         APSA Annual Fund                                                         $5,133.00
         Ralph Bunche Programs Endowment Fund                                     $5,070.00
         Congressional Fellowship Program Annual Fund                             $4,121.00
         Hanes Walton, Jr. Award Fund                                             $2,923.00
         Prestage-Fenno Fund                                                      $1,779.00
         Rita Mae Kelly Fund                                                      $1,752.00
         Fund for Latino Scholarship                                              $1,597.00

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