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                                                                                             TABLE OF CONTENTS
                                              Founded in 1903, the American Political
                                              Science Association (APSA) is the leading
                                              professional organization for the study           FISCAL YEAR
                                              of political science and serves more
                                              than 12,000 members in more than 80                BUDGET  4
                                              countries. With a range of programs and
                                              services for individuals, departments, and
                                              institutions, APSA brings together political
                                              scientists from all fields of inquiry, regions,   DEVELOPMENT  5
                                              and occupational endeavors within
                                              and outside academe to deepen our
                                              understanding of politics, democracy, and
                                              citizenship throughout the world.                 MEMBERSHIP  6

        The Association promotes a lively, diverse community of scholars, teachers,
        students, and practitioners who bring wide-ranging interests, methodologies,
        and perspectives to the analysis and conduct of government and politics. The            PROGRAMS &
        Association disseminates information, facilitates collaboration among its members,       INITIATIVES  8
        and publicizes research findings on important theoretical and political issues, and
        publishes a variety of materials relevant to the discipline. It enhances the capacity
        of political scientists to conduct research, improve teaching, develop professionally,
        and communicate their ideas within the discipline and to the wider public. The          AWARDS           14
        Association is committed to transparency, open enquiry, scholarly pluralism, high
        standards of ethics and integrity, and a global perspective.

                                                                                                CONFERENCES   16

        APSA’s primary goal is increasing the value proposition of APSA membership. In          JOURNALS &
        support of increasing the value proposition of APSA membership, we will:                 PUBLICATIONS  18

         •   Provide and/or enable the knowledge production system – that is,
             the mechanisms through which knowledge can be shared, reviewed,
             challenged, and debated for our members and the broader political                  SUPPORTING
             science community.
                                                                                                 THE DISCIPLINE 19
         •   Provide support for political scientists entering the profession, and to help
             political scientists in the profession flourish by supporting them in their
             research, teaching, and professional service.

         •   Promote and encourage diversity and inclusion in the profession.

         •   Foster public engagement with the discipline and promote connections
             between political scientists and society at the local, state, national, and
             international level.

         •   Advocate on behalf of the discipline and political scientists.

         •   Maintain APSA’s organizational efficiency and financial stability.
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