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                                            EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

                                            It is a privilege to report on another very fruitful year at APSA. The Association
                                            has advanced important efforts in expanding and improving our membership
                                            benefits; supporting diversity and inclusion, teaching and learning, international
                                            political science, and more; offering two successful and well-attended
                                            conferences; continuing to support excellence in our journals; and expanding
                                            our efforts to collect and share research on the profession. This APSA Annual
                                            Report details many of these efforts.

                                            Of particular note is the continued success of the Ralph Bunche Summer
                                            Institute for undergraduate students (pg. 9), designed to increase the number
                                            of underrepresented students enrolling in political science graduate programs
                                            and pursuing academic careers by exposing them to graduate-level coursework.
                                            I would also draw your attention to APSA’s international programs (pg. 12),
                                            including the successful Middle East and North Africa (MENA) workshop held
                                            in Tunis in July. In addition, APSA continues to invest in teaching and learning
                                            resources through the Teaching & Learning Conference (pg. 17), as well as
                                            through professional development resources aimed at supporting teaching
                                            (pg. 13), including expanded teaching and learning programming at the Annual
     Steven Rathgeb Smith,                  Meeting. In 2018, this will include a mini-conference on teaching and learning in
     APSA Executive Director                conjunction with the APSA Annual Meeting in Boston.

                                            As APSA’s four journals—the American Political Science Review, PS: Political
                                            Science & Politics, Perspectives on Politics, and the Journal of Political Science
                                            Education—have continued to publish high-quality political science research,
                                            several have gained new leadership over the past year. We congratulate
                                            them on not only their continued high quality but also their smooth editorial

                                            Beyond the programs and activities reported here, APSA has recently completed
                                            a process of governance reform, implementing the new bylaws that were
                                            approved in a vote by the full membership in October 2016. The first APSA
                                            election under the new bylaws was held in July, and more than 25% of APSA
                                            members voted. More information about APSA elections is available at http://
                                   The implementation of the new
                                            bylaws has also included introduction of APSA Council policy committees to
                                            help guide APSA policies and programs. The implementation of the new APSA
                                            bylaws marks an exciting new chapter in APSA’s governance.

                                            Finally, APSA has continued to devote more resources to advocacy and
                                            public engagement. We are dedicated to continuing to advocate for the
                                            interests of the discipline, including funding for political science, as well as
                                            issues of academic freedom. APSA has also expanded efforts to disseminate
                                            political science research to a wider audience and to support efforts at public

                                            I am very pleased to report on APSA’s diverse portfolio of programs in support
                                            of our members and the discipline, and I welcome member feedback and input.
                                            Please feel free to reach out with any comments or questions.
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