Contact the APSA Annual Meeting Ombuds

How to contact the Ombuds:


The best way to contact the APSA Ombuds is by email. To contact the APSA Meetings Ombuds regarding a topic or concern related to your experience at the 2018 APSA Annual Meeting or the 2018 TLC at APSA, email: [email protected]

Office Hours

Details on the 2018 Ombuds office hours are forthcoming.  Additional information on the APSA Ombuds will be located at the APSA Annual Meeting Registration Desk and in the APSA Exhibit Hall Lounge onsite at the 2018 Annual Meeting in Boston, MA.

The 2018 APSA Annual Meeting Ombuds and TLC at APSA Ombuds will hold walk-in office hours and is also available by appointment. To schedule an appointment with the ombuds, contact the ombuds at [email protected].