eJobs Update

The American Political Science Association promotes non-discrimination practices across the discipline, including in the hiring policies of departments and institutions. To that end, on May 26, 2017 eJobs will be updated to reflect this commitment, with the addition of two new fields on the eJobs submission form.  

As we work to share these changes with the eJobs community, these fields will be voluntary.

Field 1: Non-Discrimination Statement

The following statement will appear on the job ad submission form:

“Our institution does not discriminate against job candidates on the basis of actual or perceived gender, gender identity, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or religion.”

The non-discrimination statement is based on language from A Guide to Professional Ethics in Political Science, III, 25 (APSA, 2012). For now, job posters will be able to choose one of the following responses: “yes,”  “no,” or “decline to answer.” A “yes” or “no” response will be visible to eJobs candidates and applicants on the final job ad. Responses should be based upon your institution or department’s practices and policies.

Field 2: EEOC and/or Diversity and Inclusion Statements

A textbox field has been added to allow job posters to share their department or institution’s EEOC and/or diversity and inclusion statement. While many departments and institutions already include these statements in their job announcements, this textbox provides a standard, uniform space for this information. This field will also provide departments with space to elaborate upon their response to the non-discrimination statement, if they so choose.  

With the addition of these two fields, we hope that the result is an increased level of clarity and transparency that will benefit job seekers as they embark upon this important phase in their careers. These fields will also provide potential employers with a designated space to share their institution’s policies and/or commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity.  Ultimately, these updates will help promote the shared commitment to non-discrimination in hiring practices across the profession for departments, institutions, and job candidates alike. 

We welcome any questions, feedback, or ideas you may have. Please contact the APSA departmental services program at dsp@apsanet.org or Tanya Schwarz at tschwarz@apsanet.org