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Revista de Ciencia Política
The Revista de Ciencia Política is an international and refereed journal published by the Instituto de Ciencia Política of the Universidad Catolica de Chile. The journal welcomes manuscripts from APSA members in either English or Spanish on subjects of interest to the community of political 
scientists in Chile and Latin America. Manuscripts may be submitted electronically to the editor, Professor David Altman, at [email protected] or mailed to the Revista de Ciencia Politica: Instituto de Ciencia Política, Universidad Catolica de Chile, Campus San Joaquín, Av. Vicuna Mackenna 
4860, Macul, Santiago de Chile, Chile (Fax: +56-2-354-7813).
The Revista de Ciencia Política, founded in 1979, appears twice a year in July and December and publishes articles in all areas of Political Science. The editorial policies of the Revista de Ciencia Política encompass all areas of specialization and methodological approaches within Political Science. The journal promotes the academic discussion of present and past political phenomena, as well as conceptual analyses, from the perspective of the various sub-disciplines of Political Science: Comparative Politics, Political Theory, International Relations, Formal Analysis, Regional Studies, etc.
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