Membership Rates

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Professional Member
Full membership on an income-based sliding scale

Regular Members with income over $200,000 $320
$135,000-199,999 $271
100,000-134,000 $241
$80,000-99,999 $207
$60,000-79,999 $186
$50,000-59,999 $170
$40,000-49,999 $145
Under $40,000 $98
Retired Member
Full membership at a reduced rate for those who've maintained 25 continuous years of Association membership.
Retired over $25,000 $66
Retired under $25,000 $40
Other Membership Types
Targeted International Member (TIM)
For scholars in low/middle-income countries. More on TIM.
Life Member
Full membership for life. A great value for early to mid-career political scientists!
Associate Member
Intended for non-political scientists and community college faculty. Individual may select one journal to receive.
Family Member
Available to spouses and domestic partners of professional and life members. Does not include journal subscriptions.
High School Teacher
Intended for high school faculty. Does not include subscription to APSR, but does include subscription to PS and all other membership benefits.
Student Member
Full membership at a substantially reduced rate. 7 year limit of eligibility.
Unemployed member
Full membership at a substantially reduced rate. 2 year limit of eligibility.

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