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APSA is happy to receive donations for specific programs.  You may select the fund or funds that you wish to support at apsanet.org/donate-now.

However, when you give to the APSA Annual Fund, you provide flexible support for us to use where it is needed most.  In a given year this may include travel grants to the APSA Annual Meeting, compilation of syllabi collections, support to minority programs, or short courses on professional development. 

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Kiran Auerbach
Travel Grant Recipient

"This was my first time attending APSA’s Annual Meeting, and I was very excited to have been selected to present a paper at the conference. My home university could not help to cover any conference-related costs…"

Katerina Tertytchnaya
Travel Grant Recipient

"I am immensely grateful to be a recipient of the APSA travel grants. … All panels and poster sessions were most engaging and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to receive thorough feedback on my paper."