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APSA Annual Fund

Every year, APSA make grants available to international scholars, graduate students, and those without a full-time faculty position. These modest grants help to offset the costs of traveling to the APSA Annual Meeting, ensuring that one of the largest gathering of political scientists annually continues to be enriched and renewed by the participation of scholars regardless of their personal financial abilities.

APSA experienced a 32% increase in applications for travel grants to the 2018 Annual Meeting in Boston. We were able to provide assistance to more than 78% of the requests received, enabling almost 480 scholars and students to participate in opportunities for networking and sharing research.

But the demand is growing, and we want to make sure that more of our fellow members benefit from the array of career, teaching, and diversity resources at APSA’s meetings. The APSA Annual Fund supports some of our most critical programs, including travel grants.

Consider giving to provide more opportunities for networking and sharing research in 2019.

Donate now to APSA Annual Fund


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