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APSA Annual Fund

2016 was a year of many firsts – and a year in which some things also stayed the same. Now more than ever, the importance of a political science profession that is open, to scholars regardless of need is critical to a vibrant and relevant discipline, capable of addressing the big political questions of our time.


Every year, APSA make grants available to international scholars, graduate students, and those without a full-time faculty position. These modest grants help to offset the costs of traveling to the APSA Annual Meeting, ensuring that one of the largest gathering of political scientists annually continues to be enriched and renewed by the participation of scholars regardless of their personal financial abilities. In 2016, we received over 400 applications and were only able to provide 250 travel grants.  With the 2017 Annual Meeting in San Francisco, we anticipate even more grant applications.


This month, every dollar you donate to the Annual Fund will support and enrich a scholar's professional experience. Standing together, we can do so much. 


Please join us in supporting an open and vibrant political science discipline by donating today.

Donate now to APSA Annual Fund



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