New Political Science Section Award Recipients

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Christian Bay Award
Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven Award
Charles A. McCoy Career Achievement Award
Michael Harrington Book Award
New Political Science Dissertation Award

Christian Bay Award

The Christian Bay Award recognizes the best paper presented on a new political science panel at the previous year’s annual meeting.

2023 Bradley J. Macdonald, Colorado State University
“Morris’s Utopian Matrix:  Art, Socialism, and Political Action”
2022 Nancy Sue Love, Appalachian State University
"Land and Song: Indigenous Reflections on Sovereign Community."
2021 Joanna Wuest, Princeton University
“The Impossibility of Liberation: Queer Political Thought Since the New Left?”

Gregory Koutnik, University of Pennsylvania
“Ecological Populism:  Politics in Defense of Home”


Mark Major, Pennsylvania State University
“Why the South Prevailed: Civil Rights, Anticommunism, and the Origins of the Liberal Media.” 

2018 Alison Gash, University of Oregon
“Illegalizing Families’: State Status and Deportability.”
2018 Priscilla Yamin, University of Oregon
“Illegalizing Families’: State Status and Deportability.”
2017  Timothy Weaver, University at Albany, SUNY
"A City of Citizens: Social Justice and Urban Social Citizenship."
2016  Jocelyn Boryczka, Fairfield University 
"An Anatomy of Sexism: The Colonized Vagina."
2015  Robert Kirsch, Arizona State University
"Tweets, Retweets, and Tweeting Retreats: Critically Assessing the Digital Revolution as Veblenian Machine Process."
2014 Alix Olson, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
"Queer(y)ing Permanent Partnership"
2012 M. Forrest, University of Minnesota
The Limits of Political Representation: Anti-Foreclosure Activism and Racial Injustice in the Post-Civil Rights Era
2011 Brian Waddell, University of Connecticut Stamford
That Time Again? Revisiting the Debates Over the Wagner Act
2010 Brooke Ackerly, Vanderbilt University
"Hearing the Voice of the People: Human Rights as if People Mattered"
2010 Jose Cruz, Vanderbilt University
"Hearing the Voice of the People: Human Rights as if People Mattered"
2009 Elisabeth Chaves, Virginia Tech
"The Internet as Global Platform? Grounding the Magically Levitating Public Sphere"
2007 Angelica Bernal, Yale
Power, Powerlessness, and Petroleum: Indigenous Environmental Claims and the Limits of International Law
2006 Immanuel Ness, Brooklyn College / CUNY
"Temporary Labor Migration and the Labor Movement: Globalization and Worker Resistance to Restructuring Information Technology"
2005 Hamideh Sedghi, Columbia University
"Islamization, Globalization, and Gender in Iran: Compatible or Not?"
2004 Dorothee Benz, City University of New York
"Innovative Labor Organizing in a Hostile Climate"
2003 Jennifer Disney, Winthrop University
"The Potential and Limitations of Democratization: Civil Society and Women's Organizing in Post-Revolutionary Mozambique and Nicaragua"
2002 Carl Swidorski, College of Saint Rose
"From the Wagner Act to the Human Rights Watch Report: Labor and Freedom of Expression and Association, 1935-2000."
2001 Chenshan Tian, University of Hawaii at Manoa
"The Reception of Marxist Thought in China: A Chinese Representation of Dialectical Materialism"
2000 Carl Swidorski, The College of Saint Rose
"Political Science and the First Amendment: Ignoring Labor's Role in the Struggle for Freedom of Expression"
1998 Timothy Luke, Virginia Tech
"The Discipline as Disciplinary Normalization: Networks of Research"
1997 Thomas De Luca Jr., Fordham University
“The Future of Democratic Politics"
1997    John Buell, Fordham University
"The Future of Democratic Politics"
1996 Ho-Won Jeong, Ohio State University
"Discourse of Political Economy in Africa"
1995 Gregory Delaurier, Ithaca College
"Class Struggle Without Class: Maoism, the U.S. New Left, and the Demise of the 'Labor Metaphysic'"
1994 C. Hilisi, Indiana University-Bloomington
"From Liberalism to Citizenship in Black South African Political Thought"
1993 Carl Boggs, National University

Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven Award

The Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven Award recognizes an activist group, in the region of the annual meeting, that puts the ideals of the New Political Science Section, ’to make the study of politics relevant to the struggle for a better world,’ into practice.

2023 Food Chain Workers Alliance
2022 Hoodstock
2021 Familias Unidas por la Justicia, Burlington, Washington
2020 East Side Arts Alliance and Cultural Center
2019 Black Lives Matter DC
2018    Young Abolitionists
2017 LeftRoots
2016  Urban Tree Connection 
2015  POWER 
2014 Empower DC
2012 New Orleans Workers' Center for Racial Justice
2011 South Seattle Community College
2007 Chicago Living Wage Campaign
2005 Institute for Policy Studies
2004 Lamda Legal Defense and Education Fund, Chicago Office
2003 Ann Kretzton, Kensington Welfare Rights Union


Charles A. McCoy Career Achievement Award

The Charles A. McCoy Career Achievement Award recognizes a progressive political scientist who has had a long, successful career as a writer, teacher and activist.

2023 Adolf L. Reed, Jr., University of Pennsylvania
2023 Victor Wallis, Berklee College of Music
2022 Clyde Barrow, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
2022 Judith Grant, Ohio University
2021 Cornel West, Union Theological Seminary
2020 Rosalind Petchesky, Hunter College and The Graduate Center, City University
2019 Joseph Schwartz, Temple University
2018 Cynthia Enloe, Clark University
2017 Mark Kesselman, Columbia University
2016  V. Spike Peterson, University of Arizona 
2015  Terrell Carver, University of Bristol 
2014 Timothy Luke, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
2013    Deborah Stone, Dartmouth College
2012 Sanford Schram, Bryn Mawr College
2011 George Katsiaficas, Wentworth Institute of Technology
2010 John Berg, Suffolk University
2009 Laura Olson, Lehigh University
2007 H. Mark Roelofs, New York University
2006 Carl Boggs, National University
2005 Stephen Bronner, Rutgers University
2004 Frances Piven, CUNY Graduate Center
2003 Michael Parenti
2002 Philip Green, Smith College
2001 Bertell Ollman, New York University


Michael Harrington Book Award

The Michael Harrington Book Award recognizes an outstanding book that demonstrates how scholarship can be used in the struggle for a better world.

2023 Mark R. Warren, University of Massachusetts Boston
Willful Defiance: The Movement to Dismantle the School-to-Prison Pipeline. Oxford University Press.
2022  Hahrie Han, Johns Hopkins University
Prisms of the People:  Power & Organizing in Twenty-First-Century America. University of Chicago Press, 2021.
2022 Elizabeth McKenna, Johns Hopkins University 
Prisms of the People: Power & Organizing in Twenty-First-Century America. University of Chicago Press, 2021.
2022 Michelle Oyakawa, Muskingum University 
Prisms of the People: Power & Organizing in Twenty-First-Century America. University of Chicago Press, 2021.
2021 Albena Azmanova, University of Kent, Brussels School of International Studies
Capitalism on Edge: How Fighting Precarity Can Achieve Radical Change Without Crisis or Utopia. Columbia University Press, 2020.
2020 Rebecca Tarlau, Pennsylvania State University
Occupying Schools, Occupying Land:  How the Landless Workers’ Movement Transformed Brazilian Education. Oxford University Press, 2019.

Keisha Lindsay, University of Wisconsin-Madison
In a Classroom of Their Own: The Intersection of Race and Feminism in All-Black Male Schools. University of Illinois Press, 2018

2018 Gordon Lafer, University of Oregon
The One-Percent Solution: How Corporations Are Remaking American One State at a Time. ILR Press, 2017.
2017 Peter Dauvergne, University of British Columbia
Environmentalism of the Rich. MIT Press, 2016.
2016  Marie Gottschalk, University of Pennsylvania
Caught: The Prison State and the Lockdown of American Politics. Princeton University Press, 2015
2015  Naomi Murakawa, Princeton University
The First Civil Right: How Liberals Built Prison America. Oxford University Press, 2014 
2014 Craig Wilder, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ebony and Ivy: Race, Slavery, and the Troubled History of America's Universities (New York Bloomsbury Press, 2013)
2013 Meira Levinson, Harvard University
No Citizen Left Behind (Harvard University Press 2012)
2012 Joe Soss, University of Minnesota
Disciplining the Poor: Neoliberal Paternalism and the Persistent Power of Race (University of Chicago Press, 2011)
2012 Richard Fording, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
Disciplining the Poor: Neoliberal Paternalism and the Persistent Power of Race (University of Chicago Press, 2011)
2012 Sanford Schram, Bryn Mawr College
Disciplining the Poor: Neoliberal Paternalism and the Persistent Power of Race (University of Chicago Press, 2011)
2011 Michelle Alexander, Ohio State University
The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness
2010 Marshall Ganz, Harvard University
Why David Sometimes Wins: Leadership, Organization, and Strategy in the California Farm Worker Movement
2009 Stephen Pimpare, Yeshiva University
A People's History of Poverty in America (The New Press, 2008)
2007 Daniyal Zuberi, University of British Columbia
Differences that Matter: Social Policy and the Working Poor in the United States and Canada
2006 Odd Westad, London School of Economics and Political Science
The Global Cold War (Cambridge University Press, 2006)
2005 Katherine Stone, UCLA
From Widgets to Digits: Employment Regulation for the Changing Workplace (Cambridge UP, 2004)
2004 Linda Williams, University of Maryland
The Constraint of Race: Legacies of White Skin Privilege in America (Penn State University Press, 2003)
2003 Manfred Steger, Illinois State University
Globalization: the New Market Ideology
2002 Peter Dreier, Occidential College
Place Matters: Metropolitics for the Twenty-First Century
2002 John Mollenkopf, CUNY, Graduate Center
Place Matters: Metropolitics for the Twenty-First Century
2002 Todd Swanstrom, Saint Louis University
Place Matters: Metropolitics for the Twenty-First Century
2001 Stan Luger, University of Northern Colorado
Corporate Power, American Democracy, and the Automobile Industry
2000 John Ehrenberg, Illinois State University
Globalization: the New Market Ideology (Rowman & Littlefield, 2001)
1999 Michael Forman, University of Washington, Tacoma
Nationalism and the International Labor Movement: The Idea of the Nation in Socialist and Anarchist Theory (Penn State Press, 1998)
1999 Teodros Kiros, Suffolk University
Self Contradiction and the Formation of Human Values: Truth, Language and Desire (Greenwood Press, 1988)
1998 George Katsiaficas, Wentworth Inst of Tech
The Subversion of Politics: European Autonomous Social Movements and the Decolonization of Everyday Life
1998 Steven Best
The Postmodern Turn (Guilford Press, 1997)
1998 Douglas Kellner, Univ of California-Los Angeles
The Postmodern Turn (Guilford Press, 1997)
1997 Ira Katznelson, Columbia University
Liberalism’s Crooked Circle: Letters to Adam Michnik (Princeton University Press, 1996)
1996 Sanford Schram, Macalester College
Words of Welfare: The Poverty of Social Science and the Social Science of Poverty (University of Minnesota Press)
1995 Elizabeth Kelly, DePaul University
Education, Democracy, and Public Knowledge (Westview Press)
1994 Stephen Bronner, Rutgers University-New Brunswick
Moments of Decisions (New York and London, Routledge, 1992)
1993    H. Mark Roelofs, New York University
Poverty of American Politics: A Theoretical Interpretation (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1992)


Stephen Eric Bronner Dissertation Award

For outstanding Political Science dissertation finished within the previous year of the APSA Meeting which exemplifies the commitment to use scholarship in the struggle for a better world.

2023 Candice K. Travis, University of Massachusetts Amherst
“The Violence of Nostalgia: Conspiracy Theorism, White Nationalism, and Restoring American Exceptionalism”
2022 Lahoma Thomas, Toronto Metropolitan University
"Seeing from Da Yaad: Black Women and the Politics of Respect," PhD.,  University of Toronto.
2021 Matt York, University College, Cork, Ireland
“Imagining New Worlds: (R)evolutionary Love and Radical Social Transformation in the 21st Century.”
2020 Lucas Pinheiro, University of Chicago
"Factories of Modernity: Labor, Aesthetics, and the Racial Politics of Historical Capitalism"

Igor Shoikhedbrod, University of Toronto
“Rights Discourse and Economic Domination: Thinking Beyond the Narrow Horizon of Liberal Justice.” 

2018    Rafael Khachaturian, Indiana University
“Discipline, Knowledge, and Critique: Marxist Theory and the Revival of the State in American Political Science, 1968–1989.”
2017 Kevin Funk, Spring Hill College
"Between National Attachments, Rooted Transnationalism, and Borderless Utopias: Searching for Imagined Communities in Latin America's Booming Economic Relations with the Arab World." University of Florida, 2016
2016 Dean Snyder, Antioch College
“Commercial Capital and the Political Economy of Agricultural Overproduction.” Syracuse University, 2015