Southwestern Social Science Association

Website: www.sssaonline.org

Founded in 1919, the SSSA is the oldest social science association in the United States. The organization is composed of professionals and students in the social sciences, including individuals in academia and those in practice fields. Current individual membership is about 1,200.
The purpose of the association is to promote, cultivate and correlate the various areas of the social sciences and their applications through the encouragement of research, program meetings, and the publication and dissemination of information and opinion. The association has two primary functions. 

The association consists of eight social science affiliates. Each affiliate has its own officers, executive committee, program chair, plenary speakers, organization and business meetings.

The eight social science affiliates which make up the association are:

  • economics
  • geography
  • history
  • international studies
  • political science
  • social work
  • sociology
  • women's and gender studies

Social Science Quarterly

Annual Meeting:

Contact information:
President: Patrick Barr-Melej, [email protected]
President-Elect: Lydia Andrade, [email protected]