Southern Demographic Association

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The Southern Demographic Association (SDA) is a scientific and educational organization, incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is comprised of persons with professional interests in demography and population studies.

SDA's membership includes, but is in no way limited to, demographers with professional or personal ties to the southern United States. SDA welcomes and encourages the participation of individuals, and the study of demographic topics, from any region or country.

SDA holds an annual meeting each fall, usually in October. The SDA meeting provides a friendly venue for people to present academic and applied demographic research, to discuss and learn about population issues, and to meet others with common interests.

Population Research and Policy Review
PRPR is the official journal of the Southern Demographic Association. Membership in the Southern Demographic Association includes a subscription to Population Research and Policy Review, sometimes referred to as PR-squared.

2016 Meeting:
The Graduate Hotel in Athens, October 12-14

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