National Social Science Association

Website: www.nssa.us/

The National Social Science Association is the largest interdisciplinary association in the United States. Its members consist of social scientists in two and four year colleges and represent the following disciplines: history, geography, education, economics, psychology, anthropology, sociology, ethnic studies, women's studies, interdisciplinary studies, political science, and other related studies.

Executive Director: Jerry Baydo 
President: William Kirtley 
First Vice President: Amy Shriver Dreussi
Second Vice President: Benita Bruster
Second Vice President: Max Fridell
Secretary: David Sosar

2016 Summer Professional Development Meeting:
July 31 - August 3, 2016
Denver, Colorado Summer Seminar

2016 Fall Professional Development Meeting:
October 2-4 2016
St. Louis, Missouri

National Social Science Journal
The National Social Science Journal is the peer reviewed publication of the National Social Science Association. Articles in the journal cover a broad range of topics and are reviewed prior to publication by members of the association.

Contact information:
2020 Hills Lake Drive 
El Cajon, CA 92020 
Tel: (619) 448-4709
Fax: (619) 258-7636
[email protected]