International Foundation for Election Systems

International Foundation for Election Systems

As one of the world's premier democracy and governance assistance organizations, IFES provides targeted technical assistance to strengthen transitional democracies. Founded in 1987 as a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, IFES has developed and implemented comprehensive, collaborative democracy solutions in more than 100 countries.

IFES' professional capacity is embodied in our expert staff and senior consultants, among whom are geographical specialists in Africa, the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and Europe, and functional specialists in rule of law, civil society, good governance, election administration, applied research, human rights, gender issues and public information technology solutions.

Like an ambassador at large, IFES is not bound to one place, one political circumstance or one social condition. Rather, we possess the expertise and flexibility to develop comprehensive solutions to complex problems of democratization anywhere and at any time. IFES builds democracy at large.