Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO)

The Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO) is an international organism of academic, regional and independent character created in 1957 by the Latin American and the Caribbean governements.  Today the academic units of FLACSO are present in ten countries of the region: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, and Dominican Republic. Its objectives are to promote the investigation, teaching, and technical cooperation in the field of social sciences.

FLACSO - Argentina
Website: www.flacso.org.ar/
Director: Miguel Lengyel, [email protected]
Publications: http://flacso.org.ar/publicaciones/
Contact information: Salvador Leonardi, [email protected]

FLACSO - Chile
Website: http://www.flacsochile.org/
Director: Jose Jara, [email protected]
Publications: http://www.flacsochile.org/biblioteca-virtual/
Contact information: [email protected], Tel. (+562) 290-0200

FLACSO - Costa Rica
Website: www.flacso.or.cr/
Director: Jorge Mora: [email protected]
Publicatons: http://www.flacso.or.cr/index.php/publicaciones-jb-br-jb-i-labor-editorial-jb-i 
Contact information: [email protected]

FLACSO - Ecuador
Website: www.flacso.org.ec/
Director: Adrian Bonilla, [email protected]
Publications: www.flacso.org.ec/
Contact information: [email protected], Tel. (593 2) 3238888

FLACSO - El Salvador
Website: www.flacso.org.sv/
Publications: www.flacso.org.sv/?q=taxonomy/term/18
Contact information: www.flacso.org.sv/?q=contact

FLACSO - Guatemala
Website: www.flacso.edu.gt/
Director: Dr. Virgilio Álvarez
Publications: http://www.flacso.edu.gt/publicaciones/
Contact information: [email protected]

FLACSO - Mexico
Website: www.flacso.edu.mx/
Director: Mtra. Giovanna Valenti Nigrini, [email protected] 
Publications: http://www.flacso.edu.mx/publicaciones/novedades 
Contact information: [email protected], Tel. (52 55)3000 0251

FLACSO - Dominican Republic
Website: http://www.flacso.org.do/
General Secretary: Francisco Rojas Aravena, [email protected]
Publications: http://www.flacso.org.do/index.php/biblioteca 
Contact information: Raquel Torres Salinas, [email protected], Tel. (506) 2253-0082

FLACSO - Brazil
Website: www.flacso.org.br/
Director: Ayrton Fausto, [email protected]
Publications: http://flacso.org.br/index.php?option=com_docman&Itemid=133 
Contact information: [email protected], Tel. (55+61) 3328-6341