Dutch Political Science Association

Website: www.politicologie.nl

The Dutch Political Science Association was founded in 1950 as the 'Nederlandse Kring voor Wetenschap der Politiek' (literally the 'Dutch Circle for the Science of Politics'). Its members include political science teachers, constitutional lawyers, economists, historians and sociologists, as well as journalists and politicians.

Secretary: Dr. Peter Castenmiller, [email protected]

Acta Politica
The prime objective of Acta Politica is to publish outstanding work reflecting research and developments of both a theoretical and empirical nature in all sub-areas of the discipline, including Dutch and comparative politics, international relations, political theory, public administration, and political communication.

Contact information:
Dr. Peter Castenmiller
Wildegagel 43, 2498 ER, The Hague
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 6 25 00 79 22 
[email protected]