Canadian Political Science Association
Website: www.cpsa-acsp.ca/

The objectives of the association as stated in its constitution are:

  • To encourage and develop political science and its relationship with other disciplines;
  • To hold conferences, meetings and exhibitions for the discussion of political science problems and the exchange of views in matters relating to political science;
  • To purchase, acquire, take by gift, any devise, bequest, or donation for the objectives of the corporation;
  • To give grants, scholarships or fellowships to deserving individuals, groups of persons or organizations in pursuance of the objects of the corporation;
  • To publish journals, newspapers, books and monographs relating to political science.

The association as such, will not assume a position upon any question of public policy not directly related to the discipline of political science or commit its members to any position thereupon.

Executive Committee (2012-2013):
President: Michael Atkinson, University of Saskatchewan, [email protected] 
President-elect: Alain Noël, Université de Montréal, [email protected] 
Secretary/Treasurer: Christine Rothmayr Allison, Université de Montréal, [email protected] 
Directors' Representative: Laura Stephenson, University of Western Ontario, [email protected]
Past-President: Reeta Tremblay, University of Victoria, [email protected]

2013 Meeting:
University of Victoria, British Columbia, June 4 - 6, 2013

Canadian Journal of Political Science 
The Canadian Journal of Political Science (CJPS) began in 1968, having evolved from the Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science which had been published since 1934. CJPS is jointly sponsored by the Canadian Political Science Association/Association Canadienne de Science Politique (CPSA/Acsp) and the Societe quebecoise de science politique (Sqsp).

Contact information:
Sally Rutherford
Executive Director, CPSA
#204, 260 rue Dalhousie Street 
Ottawa, ON K1N 7E4
(613) 562-1202
[email protected]