Belgian Political Science Association

Website: http://www.absp.be/

The Institut Belge de Science Politique (IBSP) - Belgisch Instituut voor Wetenschap der Politiek (BIWP), founded in 1951, was one of the first national political science associations. In 1979, along with the country's federalization process, the IBSP was split up into two associations developing their own specific activities : the French-speaking Institut de Science Politique (ISP) and the Flemish-speaking Politologisch Instituut. 

In early 1995, a large number of political scientists in the french Community of Belgium expressed their will to re-launch a cooperation and contact enterprise. The working group which was then constituted eventually concluded that a new structure should be set up. The new association was officially founded on the June 11, 1996 and the ISP was dissolved.

President: Benoît Rihoux
Vice-president: Corinne Gobin
Treasurer: Nathalie Perrin
Secretary: Régis Dandoy
Member of Bureau: André Leton

Contact information:
Collège J. Leclercq
Place Montesquieu, 1/7
B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
(32) 10 47 40 48 
[email protected]