Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America

Website: http://www.piasa.org/

The Institute was established during World War II when Poland was under the Nazi occupation and the Polish nation was subject to enslavement and genocide. As it became clear that the Nazis intended to destroy the Polish national culture, several outstanding Polish scholars, who managed to escape to the West, decided to create an institution that would insure the continuity of Poland's cultural development on free American soil.


The Polish Review 
208 East 30th Street
New York, NY 10016 
Tel.: (212) 686-4164 FAX: (212) 545-1130

A high priority for The Polish Institute has always been the publication of a scholarly journal in the English language. The Polish Review, a multidisciplinary journal devoted to Polish topics, has been published without interruption since 1956, and is the only English language academic  periodical  devoted entirely to Polish and Polish American affairs.  The current editor-in-chief is Dr. Charles S. Kraszewski, Professor at King’s College in Pennsylvania where he lectures on the literatures and cultures of Europe. 

The Polish Review is abstracted and/or indexed in the bibliographies and reference guides of: ABC-CLIO Library (Historical Abstracts, ABC POL SCI, America: History and Life), Santa Barbara, CA. MLA International Bibliography of the Modern Language Association, New York; and International Political Science Abstracts, Paris, France; Index of Articles on Jewish Studies (Kirjath Sipher) of the Jewish and University Library.