European Union Politics Group

Website: http://shakti.trincoll.edu/~mfrankli/EUPG_Home_Page.html

The European Union Politics Group of the American Political Science Association exists to organize panels at the annual meetings of the APSA. These panels focus primarily on the institutions, politics and policies of the European Union, together with its predecessor entities the European Community and the European Economic Community. It also cooperates with other groups and organized divisions to try to avoid scheduling and other conflicts between panels devoted wholly or in part to EU scholarship. Its panels particularly solicit papers about institution building, the effects of existing and proposed institutions, the politics of the integration process and the way these processes shed light on fundamental questions regarding nation-building and democratization.

Membership includes Europeanists, scholars working specifically on the politics and institutions of the European Union, political economists, and theorists interested in processes of democratization, institution-building and the like. We are anxious to ensure that the membership includes scholars from a variety of traditions including those who study institutions, public policy and the political behavior of politicians and voters.