Organized Section Journals

Many APSA Organized Sections have sponsored section journal subscriptions as part of their membership benefits or activities. Having negotiated significant discounts for section members over traditional subscription rates, these section journals provide access to scholarship across numerous fields at bargain prices.

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American Political Thought: A Journal of Ideas, Institutions, and Culture

Bridging the gap between historical, empirical, and theoretical research, American Political Thought (APT) is dedicated exclusively to the study of American political thought. Interdisciplinary in scope, APT features research by political scientists, historians, literary scholars, economists, and philosophers who study the foundation of the American political tradition. Research explores key political concepts such as democracy, constitutionalism, equality, liberty, citizenship, political identity, and the role of the state. The quarterly journal is available to members of the American Political Thought section.

Journal of Experimental Political Science

The Journal of Experimental Political Science (JEPS) features research—be it theoretical, empirical, methodological, or some combination thereof—that utilizes experimental methods or experimental reasoning based on naturally occurring data. JEPS defines experimental methods broadly: research featuring random (or quasi-random) assignment of subjects to different treatments in an effort to isolate causal relationships between variables of interest. JEPS embraces all of the different types of experiments carried out as part of political science research, including survey experiments, laboratory experiments, field experiments, lab experiments in the field, and natural and neurological experiments. 

JEPS invites authors to submit concise articles (around 2500 words) that immediately address the subject of the research; however, the editors will also consider more lengthy articles in appropriate cases. JEPS strongly encourages authors to submit null or inconsistent results from well-designed, executed, and analyzed experiments as well as replication studies of earlier experiments.

Journal of Information Technology and Politics

The Journal of Information Technology & Politics examines how information technology (IT) impacts politics and government, how politics and government influence the development and use of IT, and how IT can be used to advance research and education. The journal’s primary disciplinary home is political science, but regularly features contributions from scholars in related fields such as communication, sociology, economics, geography, and law.

Dedicated to the advancement of research on the role of information technology in politics, the Journal of Information Technology & Politics publishes articles examining the applications of IT in political campaigns, elections, and the broader public sphere; the implications of IT use for individuals and their political behavior; the political economy of IT; and the governance of the Internet. Published for the Informational Technology and Politics section, the journal  is available to all members of the Information Technology and Politics section of APSA.

Journal of Law and Courts

The Journal of Law and Courts (JLC) is an interdisciplinary journal for members of the law and courts intellectual community. The journal is dedicated to combating intellectual fragmentation and promoting communication and fertilization across traditional boundaries. JLC publishes articles tackling theoretical and empirical questions that strike a wide audience of scholars as important. JLC employs highly rigorous arguments and methods, and is written in a manner interesting and accessible to scholars with perspectives different from the author's.

JLC is published by the University of Chicago Press in association with the Law and Courts Organized Section of the American Political Science Association.

Journal of Race, Ethnicity, and Politics

The Journal of Race, Ethnicity, and Politics (JREP) is the official journal of the Race, Ethnicity, and Politics section of the American Political Science Association. JREP highlights critical and timely research into the multiple junctures between politics and issues of race, ethnicity, immigration, and indigeneity, as well as their intersections with other axes of identity and marginalization. The journal publishes work that broadly focuses on racial and ethnic politics, from scholars across all subfields of political science and allied disciplines. The key distinguishing feature of the journal is its focus on politics, whether in a single country, across countries, or transnationally. JREP is open with respect to areas of substantive focus, with methods and approaches ranging from political theory and critical studies, to qualitative, statistical, and experimental approaches.

The journal also provides opportunities for enhanced academic engagement, including a guest column section featuring perspectives from practitioners in political and policy worlds, and specialized symposia on timely topics. Follow the official blog of JREP, Politics of Color.

The Law and Politics Book Review

Published by the Law and Courts section, the Law and Politics Book Review  is published electronically. The electronic medium enables us to review almost every book about the legal process and politics, to do longer reviews than are usually published, and to make the reviews available within six months of our receipt of the book.

Legislative Studies Quarterly

Published for the Legislative Studies section, Legislative Studies Quarterly is an international journal devoted to the publication of research on representative assemblies. Its purpose is to disseminate scholarly work on parliaments and legislatures, their relations to other political institutions, their functions in the political system, and the activities of their members both within the institution and outside.

New Political Science

Published by the New Political Science section, the focus of New Political Science as official journal of the CNPS, is to develop analyses which reflect a commitment to progressive social change and which treat topics that are within exploratory phases of development in political science. It insists on the broadest possible definition of 'politics', and holds that political and cultural development cannot be understood in isolation from each other.

Policy Studies Journal

Published on behalf of the Policy Studies Organization and the Public Policy section, the primary focus of the Policy Studies Journal (PSJ) is the study of public policy. PSJ publishes individually-submitted articles and symposia of exceptional quality by social scientists and other public policy researchers and leaders. The journal addresses a wide range of public policy issues at all levels of government, and welcomes a comparative approach.

Political Analysis

Political Analysis publishes peer reviewed articles that provide original and significant advances in the general area of political methodology, including both quantitative and qualitative methodological approaches. It is the official journal of the Society for Political Methodology and the Political Methodology Section of the American Political Science Association. 

Political Behavior

Published for  the Elections, Public Opinion, and Voting Behavior section, Political Behavior publishes original research in field of political behavior, institutions, processes, and policies. Coverage focuses on conventional and unconventional political behavior of individuals or small groups, and of large organizations that participate in the political process such as parties, interest groups, political action committees, governmental agencies, and mass media.

As an interdisciplinary journal, Political Behavior integrates a variety of analytical approaches across different levels of theoretical abstraction and empirical domain. The exploration includes economic perspectives in preference structuring and bargaining; psychological aspects of attitude, motivations and perceptions; sociological orientation of roles, group or class; or political stance in decision making, coalitions and influence.

See Call for Applications for Editor of Political Behavior

Political Communication

Published for the Political Communication section and the Political Communications Division of the International Communications Association, Political Communication is an interdisciplinary, international journal, published quarterly, that features cutting-edge research at the intersection of politics and communication, broadly conceived. Its expansive subject is the site of rapid changes and pressing policy concerns worldwide. The journal welcomes all research methods and analytical viewpoints that advance understanding of the practices, processes, content, effects, and policy implications of political communication. Regular symposium issues explore key issues in depth.

Politics & Gender

Published by the Women and Politics Research section, Politics & Gender is an agenda-setting journal that publishes the highest quality scholarship on gender and politics and on women and politics. It aims to represent the full range of questions, issues, and approaches on gender and women across the major subfields of political science, including comparative politics, international relations, political theory, and US politics. The Editor welcomes studies that address fundamental questions in politics and political science from the perspective of gender difference, as well as those that interrogate and challenge standard analytical categories and conventional methodologies.

Politics & Religion

Published by the Religion and Politics section, Politics and Religion is an international journal publishing high quality peer-reviewed research on the multifaceted relationship between religion and politics around the world. The scope of published work is intentionally broad and we invite innovative work from all methodological approaches in the major subfields of political science, including international relations, American politics, comparative politics, and political theory, that seeks to improve our understanding of religion’s role in some aspect of world politics. The Editors invite normative and empirical investigations of the public representation of religion, the religious and political institutions that shape religious presence in the public square, and the role of religion in shaping citizenship, broadly considered, as well as pieces that attempt to advance our methodological tools for examining religious influence in political life.


Publius: The Journal of Federalism is devoted to federalism. It is required reading for scholars of many disciplines who want the latest developments, trends, and empirical and theoretical work on federalism and intergovernmental relations. Publius is an international journal and is interested in publishing work on federalist systems throughout the world. Its goal is to publish the latest research from around the world on federalism theory and practice; the dynamics of federal systems; intergovernmental relations and administration; regional, state and provincial governance; and comparative federalism.

Publius encourages submission of manuscripts from many disciplines and a variety of methodological approaches to the study of federalism. The journal is available to all members of the Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations section of APSA.


Representation, published for the Representation and Electoral Systems section, seeks contributions that explore the interface between democratic practice and theory. It has been publishing since the 1960s and has a general interest in all matters relating to the theme of representative democracy. For example, theoretical discussion could make a significant contribution to current practices in topics such as the democratic deficit, representation for women and minorities, modernizing elections, voter education, and democratic institutions at the transnational or global level.

Representation offers a place for debates and scholarship, both empirical and normative, on democrat practices around the world.

Review of Policy Research

Published by the Science, Technology & Environmental Politics section, Review of Policy Research (RPR) is an international peer-reviewed journal devoted to the publication of research and analysis examining the politics and policy of science and technology. These may include issues of science policy, environment, resource management, information networks, cultural industries, biotechnology, security and surveillance, privacy, globalization, education, research and innovation, development, intellectual property, health, and demographics. The journal encompasses research and analysis on politics and the outcomes and consequences of policy change in domestic and comparative contexts.

State Politics and Policy Quarterly

State Politics & Policy Quarterly (SPPQ),  published quarterly, is the premier publication outlet for original research on state politics and policy. The official publication of the State Politics and Policy Section, SPPQ publishes high-quality academic studies that develop and test general hypotheses of political behavior and policymaking, exploiting the unique advantages of the states.

Urban Affairs Review

Published for the Urban and Local Politics section, Urban Affairs Review is a bimonthly journal focused on questions of politics, governance, and public policy specifically as they relate to cities and/or their regions. Submissions of empirical and comparative research from different scholarly disciplines and methodological perspectives are encouraged.