Careers in Political Science

Political scientists gain the writing, communication, analytical, and data skills that are valued in a wide spectrum of potential careers. To learn more about possible career options for undergraduate and graduate students in political science, as well as for political science PhDs, see the following APSA resources:

Career Resources for Undergraduates

Career Resources for Graduate Students and Political Science PhDs

Political Science PhDs have a wide range of skills to offer employers, and as such, have a variety of career options to consider. APSA provides resources for political science PhD job seekers at every level and for every career path. 

Academic Careers

Applied Careers in Government, Non-profits, Industry, and Other Fields
Many political science PhDs choose to pursue an exciting career path in public service or the private sector. APSA provides resources to help job seekers navigate this process, including examples of real jobs obtained by political science PhDs and links to relevant publications and online career blogs and websites. More information on applied careers in political science can be found here.

Other Career Resources