Alumni Profile: Joseph Bafumi

Joseph Bafumi (CFP 2010-2011) is Associate Professor of Government at Dartmouth College, where he researches American government as well as political methodology. Dr. Bafumi spent his fellowship year with the Senate Budget Committee (Minority Staff).

Why did you apply to the Congressional Fellowship Program?
To learn more about public policy and how the legislative branch really works.

What issues did you cover and what types of work did you do for your host office during your fellowship year?
I was the budget analyst for the Veterans Administration on the Senate Budget Committee (SBC). I also completed special projects on the cost of federal regulations and the effect of polarization on budget resolution deliberations.

What was a typical day in the office like?
The days could vary quite a bit.  Some were quite busy and others were slow.  Some work could be very interesting and others less so.  I also worked with many different types of people.  I value the varied experiences I had.

What were some of the highlights of the fellowship year?
I worked on the SBC during a unique year when no mark-up hearing was held but the historic Budget Control Act of 2011 was passed.  This was a tremendous learning experience.

What impact has the CFP experience had on your subsequent career? 
I have a better understanding of how Capitol Hill really works and this has helped me in both my teaching and my research.