APSA Meetings Ombuds

The APSA Ombuds will be availalbe onsite at the 2020 APSA Teaching and Learning Conference to speak with any meeting attendee on a variety of topics including, but not limited to, consultation with any meeting attendees who believe that they have experienced any form of harassment, or have concerns about violations of the sexual harassment provisions of the APSA anti-harassment policy while onsite at the 2020 TLC meeting. Since 2017, the Ombuds resource was also available during previous APSA annual meetings and TLC meetings, including the 2019 APSA Annual Meeting and 2019 TLC at APSA in Washington DC and the 2018 Annual Meeting and the 2018 TLC at APSA. To contact the APSA Ombuds, email [email protected]


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Learn more about APSA's RESPECT Campaign. The APSA RESPECT Campaign encourages “professional respect” by and towards all APSA members and APSA annual meeting attendees and participants at all times. 

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