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Politics, Literature, and Film Section Award Recipients

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Wilson Carey McWilliams Best Paper Award
The Wilson Carey McWilliams Best Paper Award is given for the best paper presented at the previous year’s APSA Annual Meeting.

2016 Arlene Saxenhouse, University of Michigan
"Save Our City: The Curious Absence of Aeschylus in Modern Political Thought." 
2014 Joshua Dienstag, University of California, Los Angeles
"When a Man Loves a Robot: Blade Runner's Humanism and the Questions of Cinema and Representation."
2011 Charles Rubin, Duquesne University
To Life: Golems, Monsters and th Biotechnology Future
2010 James Read, College of St. Benedict and St. John's University
"The Limits of Self-Reliance"
2007 John Lombardini III, Princeton University
The Comedy of the Philosopher-Kings: Aristophanes' Birds and Plato's Republic
2005 John Uhr, Australian National University
"Inequality and Inequity in Political Leadership: Henry Fielding's Satire in Jonathan Wild"
2004 Mary Keys, University of Notre Dame
"Tolkien's Tales and Political Philosophy in Liberal Democracy"
2003 Catherine Zuckert, University of Notre Dame
"Tom Sawyer: Potential President"
2002 Eduardo Velasquez, Washington & Lee University
"Where the Wild Things Are: Re-Creation, Fall, Re- and In-surrection in Chuck Palahniuks Fight Club"
2001 Michael Kochin, Tel Aviv University
"The Richardsonian Republic"
2001 Katherine Philippakis, Arizona State University
"The Richardson Republic"
1999 Paul Cantor, University of Virginia
"The Simpsons: Atomistic Politics and the Nuclear Family"

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