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International Security Section Award Recipients

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Kenneth N. Waltz Dissertation Award
Joseph J. Kruzel Memorial Award for Public Service
Best International Security Article

Kenneth N. Waltz Dissertation Award

Kenneth N. Waltz Dissertation Award is awarded to a successfully defended doctoral dissertation on any aspect of security studies, which has been submitted in final, library copy in previous calendar year. The committee welcomes nominations for dissertations employing any approach (historical, quantitative, theoretical, policy analysis, etc.) to any topic in the field of security studies. Manuscripts are judged according to (1) originality in substance and approach; (2) significance for scholarly or policy debate; (3) rigor in approach and analysis; and (4) power of expression.


Eric Min, Stanford University
"Negotiation in War."


Mark Bell, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy."
Honorable Mention
Peter White, University of Maryland, College Park
"Crises and Crisis Generations: International Conflict and Military Participation on Politics."  

Daniel Krcmaric, Duke University
"The Justice Dilemma: International Criminal Accountability, Mass Atrocities, and Civil Conflict.”


Honorable Mention
Carrie Lee, Stanford University
“The Politics of Military Operations”


Joshua Kertzer
"Resolve in International Politics," The Ohio State University, August 2013


Kyle Lascurettes, University of Virginia
"Orders of Exclusion: The Strategic Sources of Order in International Relations,"


Kathryn Cochran, Duke University
"Strong Horse or Paper Tiger? Assessing the Reputational Effects of War Fighting,"


Paul Staniland, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Explaining Cohesion, Fragmentation and Control in Insurgent Groups


Vaidya Gundlupet, University of Chicago
Big Sticks and Contested Carrots: A Power-Centric Theory of International Security

Joseph J. Kruzel Memorial Award for Public Service

The Joseph J.Kruzel Memorial Award for Distinguished Public Service is awarded to a scholar with a distinguished career in national security affairs both as an academic and a public servant. It is given to memorialize Joseph Kruzel, a security studies scholar and Department of Defense policy official who was killed while on a diplomatic mission to Bosnia.


Bruce Jentlson, Duke University


Andrew Marshall, Net Assessment, Department of Defense


Stephen Krasner, Stanford University


Brent Scowcroft, The Scowcroft Group


Catherine Kelleher, Brown University


Joseph Nye Jr., Harvard University

Best International Security Article

The International Security organized section of APSA (formerly ISAC) Best Article Award seeks to recognize the best peer-reviewed articles in the field of international security and security studies broadly defined each year.  Eligible articles must have appeared in print ion a relevant peer-reviewed journal in 2017.  Authors must be IS/ISAC members.  Nominations do not need to be section members.  Nominations will consist of a single PDF that includes the article and a nomination letter explaining why the article moved international security studies forward and merits consideration as the "best" article in international security studies.  The winner will receive $500 prize and a certificate, as well as $500 in travel support if they attend the reception to receive the award in person.  


Keir A. Leiber, Georgetown University
Daryl G. Press, Dartmouth University
"The New Era of Counterforce: Technological Change and the Future of Nuclear Deterrence." International Security 41(4): 9-49. 2017.

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