Organized Section 25: Mancur Olson Best Dissertation Award
Political Economy Section Award Recipients

Mancur Olson Best Dissertation Award
The Best Dissertation Award, named for Mancur Olson, is given for the best dissertation in political economy completed in the previous two years.

2016  Charlotte Cavaillé, Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse
"Demand for redistribution in the age of inequality."
2016  Rachel Augustine Potter, University of Virginia
"Writing the Rules of the Game: The Strategic Logic of Agency Rule Making." 
2015  In Song Kim, Princeton University
"International Political Economy with Product Differentiation: Firm Level Lobbying for Trade Liberalization” 
2014 Jan Pierskalla, Ohio State University
"Urban-Rural Bias and the Political Geography of Distributive Conflicts"
2013 Rachel Wellhausen, University of Texas
"When Governments Break Contracts: Foreign Firms in Emerging Economies"
2012 Xiaobo Lu, Yale University
"The Political Causes and Consequences of Inequality of Opportunity"
2011 Tiberiu Dragu, Stanford University
"Essays on Executive Power"
2010 Stephen Kaplan, Princeton University
"From Spendthrifts to Misers: Globalization and Latin American"
2009 John Ahlquist, University of Washington
"Building and Using Strategic Capacity: Labor Union Federation and Economic Policy"
2009 Sonal Pandya, Harvard University
"Trading Spaces: The Political Economy of Foreign Direct Investment Regulation"
2007 Meredith Rolfe, University of Oxford
"A Social Theory of Voter Turnout"
2006 Guillermo Trejo, Duke University
"Indigenous Insurgency: Protest, Rebellion, and the Politicization of Ethnicity in 20th Century Mexico"
2005 Christopher Adolph, Harvard University
"The Dilemma of Disretion: Career Ambitions and the Politics of Central Banking"
2004 Scott Gehlbach, University of California, Berkeley
"Taxability and State Support of Economic Activity," University of California, Berkeley, 2003
2003 Alex Segura-Ubiergo, Columbia University
"Globalization, Domestic Politics and the Welfare State in the Developing World: Latin America in Comparative Perspective, 1973-1997"
2002 Rod Alence, Stanford University
"World Markets and the Politics of African Open Economies: Domestic Policy Responses to External Volatility in Ghana"
2001 Catherine Hafer, University of Rochester
"The Political Economy of Emerging Property Rights"
1999 Andrew Martin, Washington University
"Strategic Decision Making and the Separation of Powers"
1998 Alberto Diaz-Cayeros, Duke University
"Political Responses to Regional Inequality: Taxation and Distribution in Mexico"
1997 William Bernhard, Duke University
“Legislatures, Governments, and Bureaucratic Structure: Explaining Central Bank Independence”
1996 Clark Gibson, Indiana University
“Politicians, Peasants and Poachers: The Political Economy of Wildlife Policy in Zambia, 1964-1991”
1995 Dean Lacy, Duke University
"Nonseparable Preference in Politics: Implications for Social Choice, Elections and Public Opinion"
1994 Charles Shipan, Stanford University
"Judicial Review as a Political Variable: Interest Groups, Congress, and Communications Policy"
1993 Arun Agrawal, Duke University
"Risks, Resources and Politics: Studies of Institution and Resource Use from Village India"