Explore political science research on issues around elections and democratic governance, including ungated articles from APSA journals and public scholarship from political scientists featured in national media outlets.

Journal Articles

Source Title Author Type Themes
APSR One Person, One Vote: Estimating the Prevalence of Double Voting in U.S. Presidential Elections Goel et al Journal Voter fraud
APSR Family Matters? Voting Behavior in Households with Criminal Justice Contact Ariel White Journal Political participation
APSR Public Opinion and Foreign Electoral Intervention Tomz and Weeks Journal Foreign influence
Perspectives The White Working Class and the 2016 Election Carnes and Lupu Journal Voter behavior
Perspectives The Gender Gap is a Race Gap: Women Voters in US Presidential Elections Junn and Masuoka Journal Gender
Perspectives Democratic Decline in the United States: What Can We Learn from Middle-Income Backsliding? Kaufman and Haggard Journal Democracy
JREP Millenials and Race in the 2016 Election Vladimir Enrique Medenica Journal Voter behavior
JREP Examining Causal Impact of the Voting Rights Act Language Minority Provisions Fraga and Merseth Journal Obstacles
Politics & Gender Gendered Nationalism and the 2016 US Presidential Election: How Party, Class, and Beliefs about Masculinity Shaped Voting Behavior Deckman and Cassese Journal Voter behavior, gender, race, nationalism, election

Election Reflections Series

Source Title Author Type Themes
Election Reflections It’s Time for Political Scientists to Come Off of the Sidelines Christina Greer 2018 Election Reflections public engagement, political scientists as experts, REP
Election Reflections Native American Voters and Candidates in Election 2018 Laura E. Evans, Kimberly R. Huyser (Diné), and Gabriel Sanchez 2018 Election Reflections electoral politics, participation, Native American poltiical behavior
Election Reflections The Cora Brown Lecture Series – American State & Local Government Course at Howard University Keneshia Grant 2018 Election Reflections Black women elected officials, state and local politics, REP
Election Reflections Women of Color are Bright Spots in Contested Transformation Pei-te Lien and Carol Hardy-Fanta, with Dianne Pinderhughes and Christine Sierra 2016 Election Reflections Women of Color candidates, 2016 election
Election Reflections LGBTQ Rights and the 2016 Election APSA Committee on the Status of Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Individuals in the Profession 2016 Election Reflections LGBTQ Rights and Politcs


Source Title Author Themes
Preprint What We Know About How to Mobilize College Students to Vote Elizabeth Bennion and David Nickerson Voter mobilization
Preprint Who Votes After Their Registration is Cancelled? Evidence from North Carolina Kevin Morris Obstacles
Preprint Happy Birthday, You Get to Vote Ellen Seljan and Paul Gronke Voter registration
Preprint Why Do Election Results Change After Election Day? The "Blue Shift" in California Elections Yimeng Li, Michelle Hyun, and R. Michael Alvarez Voting results
Source Title Author Type Themes
RAISE the Vote What you need to know about election polls Eric Loepp Analysis Election Polls
New York Times Six Weeks, Six Ways to Protect Election Nathan Persily and Charles Stewart III Opinion Voting
Science Magazine ‘I’m worried about voters screwing up.’ Election scientist tackles 2020 U.S. vote Warren Cornwall Interview Election fears
The Conversation 6 Ways Mail-In Ballots are Protected from Fraud Charlotte Hill and Jake Grumbach Analysis Voter fraud
The Conversation Poll Workers on Election Day Will Be Younger--and Probably More Diverse--Due to COVID-19 Thessalia Merivaki Analysis Poll workers
Mischiefs of Faction Four Things That Could Still Affect the Presidential Race But Probably Won't Seth Masket Analysis General
The Monkey Cage How will Americans respond when there’s another split between the electoral college and the popular vote? Carey et al Analysis Electoral college
The Monkey Cage Most American Expect Cheating in the November Elections Steven S. Smith Analysis Electoral integrity
RAISE the Vote Understanding Contemporary African American Political Engagement through Anger and Empowerment Christopher Towler Blog post Voting behavior
RAISE the Vote Inclusive and Representative Government Could be the Key to Unlocking the Youth Vote Jared McDonald Blog post Voting behavior
Source Focus
Electoral Management Project The Electoral Management Project aims to make the latest scientific research, policy advice and news about running elections accessible for practitioners, researchers and students.
Electoral Integrity Project An independent academic project based at Harvard university producing innovative and policy-relevant research on elections, democracy, and autocracy
Bright Line Watch This project brings together a group of political scientists based at universities across the country to monitor democratic practices, their resilience, and potential threats to democracy.
Stanford-MIT Healthy Elections Project The Stanford-MIT Healthy Elections Project was developed to ensure that the 2020 election can proceed with integrity, safety, and equal access. The project brings together academics, civic organizations, election administrators, and election administration experts to assess and promote best practices.
United States Elections Project The aim of the United States Elections Project is to provide timely and accurate election statistics, electoral laws, research reports, and other useful information regarding the United States electoral system.



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