2019 Recipients of the APSA Lee Ann Fujii Minority Fellowship Program Travel Grant

APSA is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2019 APSA Lee Ann Fujii Minority Fellowship Program Travel Grant. This grant was made possible by the generous contributions of the Fujii Family and Dr. Fujii's colleagues and friends.



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Estefania Castañeda Pérez  is a fourth year PhD student at the UCLA Department of Political Science. Her educational aspirations and research projects have been motivated by her experience commuting daily from Tijuana to San Diego for a borderless pursuit of education. Her research examines the border crossing experiences of transborder commuters, and the turn-away policies at ports of entry against asylum seekers.  Her research is supported by the National Science Foundation and the Ford Foundation. As an engaged scholar rooted in her community, Castañeda Pérez's main objective in graduate school is to advance scholarship on the transborder population and to guide underrepresented youth to bring change in their own communities through research and direct advocacy. 


2019 Annual Meeting Role: Paper presenter: 1) "El Que Nada Debe, Nada Teme: Ritualized State Violence at the U.S. - Mexico Border; REP, Race, Class, and Migration" and 2) Ritualized State violence at the U.S. - Mexico Border; Human rights, Of Race and Rights" 




David Monda is a third year PhD student in the Political Science Program at the CUNY Graduate Center. His specialization is Comparative Politics and International Relations. His research interests center on transnational migrant communities with a specific focus on the African diaspora. In 2018, Monda received the Spring 2018 American Political Science Association's Minority Fellowship to conduct research in Belize. He teaches courses in American Government, New York Public Policy and Comparative Politics at City University of New York - York College. 

2019 Annual Meeting Role: Professional Development and Networking; Career Fair Attendee





Oanh K. Nguyen is a PhD candidate at the University of Minnesota. Her research lies at the intersection of critical migration studies and the political economy of development with an empirical focus on Southeast Asia.
2019 Annual Meeting Role: Paper presenter - "Governing Migration and Migrant Labor in Malaysia"






Tanika Raychaudhuri  is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Center for the Study of Ethnicity, Race, and Immigration at the University of Pennsylvania. She received her PhD from the Department of Politics at Princeton University in August 2019. Her research is in American Politics with a focus on political behavior, immigration, race, and economic inequality.

2019 Annual Meeting Role: Paper presenter - "The Causal Effects of Social Media Interactions on Immigrant Partisan Attitudes"  





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Liana Reyes-Reardon is a fourth year PhD student in Political Science at Rice University. Her research addresses the interaction between law and conflict in two contexts: how disgreements over appropriate legal systems contribute to the onset, resolution, and recurrence of civic conflict; and, how variations in legal frameworks affect the enforceability of economic sanctions.

2019 Annual Meeting Role: Participated in Process Training Course, QMMR 3 and Professional Development/Networking





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Tiffany Willoughby-Herard Research interests - Black Political Thought, African Politics, Third World Feminism, Participatory Action Research, Material Conditions of Knowledge Production, Race, Gender, Class, and Sexuality in International Affairs, Comparative Political Thought, Radical Student Movements, US Foreign Policy in Africa, Black Feminism, Third World Feminism, Feminist Political Theory, African Feminism, Feminist Epistemology, Feminist Methodology, Critical Whiteness Studies, Critical Social Science Methods, LGBTQ+ Politics in International Affairs, Poetry and Politics.
2019 Annual Meeting Role: Paper presenter - "The Associational Lives of Peace Builders: A Reflection on Cecelia Lynch's Beyond Appeasement: Interwar Peace Movements in World Politics" ; Panel/Chair Discussant 


Biographies for Safia Farole, Gregory Leslie, and Richie Romero are forthcoming.


To read more about Dr. Fujii and tributes to her contributions to the discipline, visit  "Remembering Lee Ann Fujii".PSNow's "Remembering: Lee Ann Fujii, University of Toronto Political Science Professor" and " 'An Ode to her Revolt:' Remembering Lee Ann Fujii" in QMMR, Spring 2018.