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Annual Giving

Gifts enable APSA to continue its century-long effort to provide and expand opportunities for students and scholars. 

How do you want your donation to help? Your gifts can support APSA as a whole, or can be directed to specific program areas.

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Power essential elements

Core APSA programs and operations are sustained and new activities can be launched through unrestricted gifts to the APSA Annual Fund.

Foster diversity and inclusion

The Ralph Bunche Summer Institute and the Minority Fellowship Program are examples of effective programming that harness individual and collective creativity through donor support.

Expand education

Donations support initiatives like Annual Meeting Travel Grants and the Congressional Fellowship Program that connect scholars, teach new ideas, and foster learning.

Advance research and careers

Scholars have the opportunity to conduct research and publish findings through grant funding from the Centennial Center for Political Science and Public Affairs supported in part by donors.

Encourage achievement

Gifts earmarked for APSA Awards help recognize the outstanding contributions made by our peers and colleagues to the discipline.

Annual gifts help us live. Capital gifts help us grow.

We hope you will remember that the needs of the Generation to Generation Campaign remain the same even when Annual Giving is in full swing. It is our hope that everyone will be able to participate in both to whatever extent possible.

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