Pippa Norris

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is a comparative political scientist who has taught at Harvard for a quarter century. She is Laureate Fellow and Professor of Government and International Relations at the University of Sydney, the Paul McGuire Lecturer in Comparative Politics at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, and Director of the Electoral Integrity project.

Honors include PSU’s 2016 Brown Medal for Democracy, the APSA 2016 Academic Leadership in Political Science, IPSA’s 2014 Karl Deutsch award, the 2011 Johan Skytte prize in political science, with Ronald Inglehart, the ARC’s 2011 Kathleen Fitzpatrick Australian Laureate Fellowship, a special recognition award by the UK Political Science Association, and Doctor honoris causa by the University of Edinburgh and Warwick University. Book awards include the 2006 Doris A. Graber award for the best book in political communications (for A Virtuous Circle), and the Virginia Hodgkinson prize from the Independent Sector (for Sacred and Secular).

Her research compares public opinion and elections, democratic institutions and cultures, gender politics, and political communications in many countries worldwide.  She is founding director of www.electoralintegrityproject.com, established in 2012, and supported by the Australian Research Council and other funding agencies. Before Harvard, she taught at Edinburgh University and she studied at Warwick University and the LSE.

A well-known public speaker and author, she has published almost fifty books. In 2017, this includes Strengthening Electoral Integrity (CUP), Why American Elections are Flawed (Cornell)  and Election Watchdogs (Co-Ed. OUP). Her current research focuses on a new book on populism. In professional service, she has been elected to executive councils for APSA, IPSA, the PSA-UK, and the World Values Survey Association. Within APSA, she has served on many committees and been president of research sections on Women and Politics Research, Political Communications, and Elections, Public Opinion and Voting Behavior, as well as on the executive of the British Politics Group and the Representation and Elections Section. For details, see www.pippanorris.com and @PippaN15.

Statement of Views: If elected, I would seek to advance the professional values of diversity, engagement, relevance, cosmopolitanism, participation, pluralism, and rigor. In particular, I believe that political science is at its best when it is theoretically driven, methodologically sound, and policy-relevant to real world problems. For the latter, I would strive to strengthen ties and build bridges between the work of the association and the world of practitioners and agencies seeking to strengthen democratic governance in the international community.