APSA 2017 Council Nominations

Balloting for the election of the 2017-2018 APSA Council and Officers will begin on July 19, 2017. All active APSA members as of June 19, 2017 will be eligible to vote and will receive an email with their personalized ballot link and voter code. Please keep an eye on your inbox for this information.

The Nominating Committee’s slate of Council and officer nominees can be found below. The committee made its decisions after careful deliberation and consideration for the diversity of the field and the varied interests of political scientists. There were no additional nominees by petition.

This election marks the first APSA election conducted under the new APSA bylaws and election rules. As indicated in these bylaws, for each position on the ballot voters will have the opportunity to vote “for” (yes), “against” (no), or abstain. Candidates must receive more “for” votes than “against” to be elected to the APSA Council or officer role for which they have been nominated. A quorum of 10% of the APSA membership will be required for the election to be valid.

If you have any questions about the APSA elections or nominations process please contact us at [email protected]

APSA 2017 Council Nominees

President-Elect Start End
Rogers Smith, University of Pennsylvania
2017 2018

Vice President
Evelyne Huber, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 2017 2018
Pippa Norris, Harvard University and University of Sydney         2017 2018
Gary Segura, University of California, Los Angeles
2017 2018

Thomas Pepinsky, Cornell University

2017 2020
Joseph Carens, University of Toronto 2017 2020
Lisa Garcia-Bedolla, University of California, Berkeley 2017 2020
Lilly J. Goren, Carroll University 2017 2020
Simon Jackman, University of Sydney 2017 2020
Matthew Kocher, Yale University 2017 2020
Erin Richards, Cascadia College 2017 2020
Valeria Sinclair-Chapman, Purdue University 2017 2020
Laura Sjoberg, University of Florida 2017
Carol Weissert, Florida State University 2017   2018