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Politics & Gender

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Politics and Gender

Published by Cambridge University Press

Kathleen Dolan, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Aili Tripp, University of Wisconsin Madison
Book Review Editor:
Sue Thomas, Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation
Associate Editors:
Martha Ackelsberg, Smith College
Hawley Fogg-Davis, Temple University
V. Spike Peterson, University of Arizona
Sue Thomas, Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation
Georgina Waylen, University of Sheffield

Journal Contents

POLITICS & GENDER is an agenda-setting journal that publishes the highest quality scholarship on gender and politics and on women and politics. It aims to represent the full range of questions, issues, and approaches on gender and women across the major subfields of political science, including comparative politics, international relations, political theory, and U.S. politics. The Editors welcome studies that address fundamental questions in politics and political science from the perspective of gender difference, as well as those that interrogate and challenge standard analytical categories and conventional methodologies.

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Editorial Board

Kathleen Dolan, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, USA
Aili Tripp, University of Wisconsin Madison, USA
Book Review Editor:
Sue Thomas, Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, USA
Associate Editors:
Martha Ackelsberg, Smith College, USA
Hawley Fogg-Davis, Temple University, USA
V. Spike Peterson, University of Arizon, USAa
Sue Thomas, Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, USA
Georgina Waylen, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
Editorial Board:
Brooke Ackerly, Vanderbilt University, USA
Kate Bratton, Louisiana State University, USA
Louise Chappell, University of Sydney, Australia
Mounira Charrad, University of Texas at Austin, USA
Christina Ewig, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Richard Fox, Union College, USA
Kim Fridkin, Arizona State University, USA
Lisa Garcia Bedolla, University of California, USA
Shireen Hassim, University of Witswatersrand, South Africa
Nancy Hirschmann, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Anne Maria Holli, University of Helsinki, Finland
Jane Jenson, Université de Montréal, Canada
L.H.M. Ling, The New School, USA
Timothy Kaufman-Osborn, Whitman College, USA
Sally Kenney, University of Minnesota, USA
Helen Kinsella, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Mona Lena Krook, Washington University in St. Louis, USA
Jane Mansbridge, Harvard University, USA
Joyce Outshoorn, Leiden University, the Netherlands
Kathryn Pearson, University of Minnesota, USA
Jan Jindy Pettman, Australian National University, Australia
Eric Plutzer, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Elisabeth Prugl, Florida International University, USA
Beth Reingold, Emory University, USA
Kira Sanbonmatsu, Rutgers University, USA
Molly Shanley, Vassar College, USA
Anna Marie Smith, Cornell University, USA
Wendy Smooth, Ohio State University, USA
Valerie Sperling, Clark University, USA
J. Ann Tickner, University of Southern California, USA
Christina Wolbrecht, University of Notre Dame, USA

Submission Procedure

Manuscript submissions are accepted through the Editorial Manager website at www.editorialmanager.com/pag

All manuscripts are subject to a double-blind external review procedure. Final decisions concerning publication are made by the Editors.


Manuscript Preparation

Manuscripts must be no longer than 30 pages including text, tables and figures, references and appendices. The entire paper must be double-spaced, with one-inch margins and 12-point font, and printed on one side of the page only.

An abstract of no more than 200 words is required.

Manuscripts must be submitted in English. Please number all pages.

Manuscripts that do not meet the submission standards will be returned to the author.

Authors should retain copies of any material submitted for consideration; neither Cambridge University Press nor the Editors can accept liability for any loss.

For general guidelines for preparing a manuscript for submission, please refer to the APSA Style Manual for Political Science (rev. ed. 2001) for citation, footnotes, references, and other style issues. Please note, in particular, the statement on gender-specific language (15).

Politics & Gender does not accept articles for review that are under review elsewhere or that have been previously published.