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The Review of Politics is soliciting contributions to a SPECIAL ISSUE on "Politics and Literature." Deadline is March 1, 2007. All submissions will be subject to review. For submission information and guidelines, visit
New Workship
Click here to learn more about the Creativity, the Literary Arts, and Global Culture workshop - chaired by Eduardo Velasquez and Domnica Radulescu - at the Tenth Annual Conference of the International Society for the Study of European Ideas.

New Book Series
"Political Companions to Great American Authors"
University of Kentucky Press
Series Editor: Patrick J. Deneen, Georgetown University

This series seeks to publish edited volumes on individual authors in the American tradition, combining classic interpretive essays with new interpretations, both of which should have a substantial political content. We are inviting potential editors to propose volumes on individual thinkers. Examples of authors that the series might include are: Herman Melville, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Mark Twain, Walt Whitman, James Baldwin, Saul Bellow, etc. Please contact Patrick Deneen at [email protected]

2005 Panel Chair Eduardo Velasquez makes news with his innovative course on Armageddon. Click here to read more.