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Past Issues

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Summer 2013

John V.C. Nye (George Mason University and National Research University-Higher School of Economics), "James Buchanan"

Daniel W. Drezner (Tufts University), "Albert Hirschman"

David L. Weimer (University of Wisconsin, Madison and LaFollette School of Public Affairs), "William A. Niskanen, Jr."

Paul Dragos Aligaca (George Mason University), "Elinor Ostrom"

Winter 2012

Chad Brown (World Bank), “Counter-Cyclical Research on the Counter-Cyclical Trade Policy?”

Soo Yeon Kim (National University of Singapore), “Protectionism During Recessions: Is This Time Different?”

Edward D. Mansfield (University of Pennsylvania) and Helen V. Milner (Princeton), “Preferential Trade Agreements in Hard Times”

Summer 2012

Stephen Ansolabehere (Harvard University), “Citizens United and the Changing Political Economy of Campaign Finance”

Scott Ashworth (University of Chicago), “Voters' Interest in Campaign Finance Regulation: Formal Models”

Winter 2011

Georgy Egorov (Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University) and Konstantin Sonin (New Economic School, Moscow), “Authoritarian Politics 101: Examples and Exercises”

Adam Meirowitz (Princeton University) and Joshua Tucker (New York University), “Formal Models and Political Protests”

Summer 2011

Daniel P. Aldrich (Purdue University), “The March 2011 Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Crisis in Japan: A Political-Economy Perspective”

Thomas Plümper (University of Essex) and Eric Neumayer (London School of Economics), “Earthquake Mortality and Damage”

Fall 2010

Jeffrey Frieden (Harvard University), “A Classic Foreign Debt Crisis”

David Andrew Singer (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), “Is This Time Different?”

Ernesto Zedillo (Yale Center for the Study of Globalization), “The Importance of Macroeconomic Policy Coordination”

Spring 2010

William Roberts Clark (University of Michigan), "Toward a Political Economy of Religion"

Summer 2009

John Patty (Washington University), "Taking Something Clean and Making it messy: Dimensonality, Sincerity, and Institutions"

Spring 2009

Raymond Duch (University of Oxford), "Selecting Obama: The 2008 Economic Vote in Context"

Summer 2008

Nathan Jensen and Jong Hee Park (Washington University), "Where's the Beef? The Political Economy of US Agriculture Policy"

Winter 2008

Ethan Bueno de Mesquita (Harris School), "The Political Economy of Terrorism"

Summer 2007

Daniel Diermeier (Northwestern), "Private Politics--A Research Agenda"

Winter 2007

Rick K. Wilson (Rice University) with R. Mark Isaac (Florida State University),  "Political Economy and Experiments."

Fall 2006

John A. Aldrich (Duke University), "New Directions in the Study of Institutions."

Nolan McCarty (Princeton University), "Congressional Studies and Political Economy."

Spring/Summer 2006

Ethan B. Kapstein, "The Political Economy of International Cooperation: A View From Fairness Economics."

B. Peter Rosendorff, "Domestic Politics and Enforcement of International Agreements."

Winter 2006

Susanne Lohmann, "The Politics of Monetary Policy are About to Come Roaring Back From the Dead."

Carles Boix, "Political Institutions and Fiscal Policy."

Fall 2005

John R. Alford and John R. Hibbing, "Biology and Rational Choice."

John Orbell, "Science, Anti-Science, and Rational Choice."

Spring/Summer 2005

Lee J. Alston, "The 'Case' for Case Studies in Political Economy."

Jim Granato, "Scientific Progress in Quantitative Political Economy."

Winter 2005

Philip Keefer, "From Settler Mortality to Patrimonialism: Weaving the Dynamics of Political Competition into the Political Economy of Development."

Daron Acemoglu, Simon Johnson, and James A. Robinson, "Economic History and Political Science: Clarifying the Questions, Methods and Answers."

Fall 2004

Adam Przeworski "Economic History and Political Science."

Fall 2003

Elisabeth R. Gerber, "What is Political Economy?"

Winter 2003

Peter A. Hall, "Adapting Methodology to Ontology in Comparative Politics."

Winter 2002

Jeffry A. Frieden and Lisa L. Martin, "International Political Economy: The State of the Sub-Discipline."

Spring/Summer 2001

Torsten Persson and Guido Tabellini, "Electoral Rules, Forms of Government, and Fiscal Policy."

Winter 2001

Allan Drazen, "How Does Politics Affect Economic Outcomes? Insights from "New" Political Economy."


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