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Information Technology and Politics Section Awards

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Best Article

  • 2009 Matthew A. Baum and Tim Groeling, "New Media and the Polarization of American Political Discourse," Political Communications, 25 (October 2008): 345-365.
  • 2008 Lynne Rienner Publishers Award to Dhavan V. Shah, Jaeho Cho, Seungahn Nah, Melissa R. Gotlieb, Hyunseo Hwang, Nam-Jim Lee, Rosanne M. Scholl, and Douglas M. McLeod "Campaign Ads, Online Messaging, and Participation: Extending the Communication Mediation Model," Journal of Communication 57 (2007): 676–703.
  • 2008 Honorable Mention to R. Charli Carpenter, "Studying Issue (Non)-Adoption in Transnational Advocacy Networks," International Organization 61 (Summer 2007): 643–67
  • 2006 Matthew Hindman, "The Real Lessons of Howard Dean: Reflections on the First Digital Campaign." Perspectives on Politics 3 (March 2005):121-128.
  • 2005 Kenneth Rogerson, "Talking Past Each Other: International Organization Internet Policy in the Developing World," International Politics 41 (June 2004): 176 - 195.

Best Graduate Student Paper

  • 2006 Jennifer L. Bussell, University of California, Berkeley "International Norms on ICTs for Development: New Data, Initial Findings and Opportunities for Analysis"
  • 2005 Kathleen McNutt, Simon Fraser University, "The Canadian Virtual State: E-Government Policy and Progress."

Best Instructional Political Science Website

Best Professional Political Science Website

Best Instructional Software

  • 2009 Micah Altman and Michael P. McDonald, BARD: Better Automated Redistricting
  • 2000 Michael Corbett, Ball State University, Poli-Tutor
  • 1999 Jerry Goldman, Northwestern University, The Supreme Court’s Greatest Hits
  • 1998 David Smetters, MicroCase Corporation, Explorit
  • 1997 Kent Portney, Tufts University and Jerry Goldman, Northwestern University, Crime and Punishment
  • 1995 G. David Garson, North Carolina State University, American Government Simulations
  • 1994 Marc A. Triebwasser, Central Connecticut State University, The American Government Interactive Videodisc
  • 1992 co-winners
    Michael Rich and Jack Combs, Brown University, STATMASTER: A Computer Guide to Interpreting SPSS
    Dennis Hartman, Kenneth Janda and Jerry Goldman, Northwestern University, IDEAlog: A Computer Program for Analyzing Political Values
  • 1991 Bahram Farzanegan, University of North Carolina at Asheville, INS4

Best Research Software

Best Software (Research or Instructional)

  • 1990 Philip Schrodt, University of Kansas

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